Lee Min Ho was mobbed. Well, not exactly, he was just surrounded by adoring fans because he was there to shoot Guerrilla Date, a special segment of the KBS Entertainment Weekly show. Candid photos from fans really are the best. There is also a bonus video showing Lee Min Ho giving more fan service with his generous "Armpit Hug" that he made famous at the Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970) press preview recently.

These photos were taken on January 15, when Lee Min Ho appeared near Gangnam Station in Seoul where he was the guest star for Guerrilla Date. You can imagine the crowd's excitement for him, but he kept his smile and gave love back to his adoring fans.

Here's a cute fan-made video that shows him giving an "armpit hug" around time mark 01:11. I really wish they had a different name for it. It's like he wraps you up with heart-felt warmth in the cold weather.

But also check out his uncle the security detail who is looking very concerned.

He previously has said that he's dreaming of meeting his "fated love" possibly at the airport or in an airplane. Could he have spotted his soul mate on the streets of Seoul? 

~ NancyZdramaland

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