One of the first things that often draws us to a K-drama is the main couple. It's so much fun to watch the journey that the one true pairing endures to finally be together. What makes it especially enjoyable is how realistically the actors can portray that love. These couples all show that love is more than just angst — it’s cute, funny, and sometimes even frivolous. So, here are 9 couples who managed to make us believe that they really do love each other and helped us enjoy watching their journey.

1. Choi Dal Po/Choi In Ha — Pinocchio

We've all read about how much these two actors liked each other in real life. Their chemistry shone through their acting. I loved watching the cute ways they interacted with each other and the care they seemed to have for each other. It's especially apparent in the last photo of their wedding day. The smiles on their faces seem to radiate with joy. 

2. Kim Joo Won/Gil Ra Im — Secret Garden

I love the way these two found each other in the show. They had a great connection that often made me laugh. In both of these photos, the way that they look at each other and hold each other seems to show just how much they are in love. 

3. Cheon Song Yi/Do Min Joon — My Love From Another Star

Another fan favorite, Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon seemed so comfortable around each other. So much so that when they weren't together, it was obvious how lost they felt. It doesn't hurt that they are both so beautiful. They seem to be perfectly matched. 

4. Lee Yoon Sung/Kim Na Na — City Hunter

Out of all of the dramas that Lee Min Ho has starred in, I think his coupling with Park Min Young in City Hunter was the best pairing. Na Na and Yoon Seong  didn't have much of a chance for their romance to develop, but the rare intimate moments that they shared were memorable.

5. Lee Yeon Jae/Kang Ji Wook — Scent of a Woman


All you need to do to understand what I'm talking about is to watch the tango scene from episode 8. It's almost uncomfortable to watch, they seem that much in love. You feel like you're watching a very private moment. So much so that I would not have been surprised if this couple had come out after the show and said they were getting married. 

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6. Jo Gook/Shin Mi Rae — City Hall

There were so many scenes in this show where I found myself oohing and ahhing at the TV because it was so romantic. Every single kiss I felt like was the most romantic thing ever. This couple really made it believable that they were in love. 

7. Go Eun Chan/Choi Han Kyul — Coffee Prince

I love these two. Seriously, even the simplest hug had me squealing in delight. If the number one thing that helps you love a K-drama is how believable and romantic the main relationship is, this show is for you. They are so adorable together that it hurts. 

8. Oh Chang Min/Oh Jin Hee — Emergency Couple

I'll admit that at first I had some serious Second Lead Syndrome with this show, but in the end Oh Chang Min won my heart. It might have been the adorable behind-the-scenes stuff I watched (seriously watch it! They are ridiculously cute in it). Even still, the chemistry between the two was fun and happy. Just look at that second photo. It's not a perfectly beautiful shot, but it's so happy and real. I love it. 

9. Choi Young Do/Cha Eun Sang — Heirs

There are some fans on the Kim Tan side, but I have to admit that Choi Young Do's relationship with Cha Eun Sang was the thing that really captured me. Choi Young Do was such a complicated character, and his love for her was fascinating to watch. Not to mention that the acting was superb. The photo of him watching her eat...have you ever seen anyone more in love ever? 

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Which couples do you find yourself swooning over?