K-pop artists are often known for the extreme takes on fashion in today's pop culture. Their constant changes and cutting edge hairstyles prove our point. There is no exclusion of colors or cuts that range from cute to confusing to even a little scary. K-pop artists show us the range of fashion and teach us how to have fun with it. Below we explore 9 artists who have daringly shown to the world how far they will go for fashion. Anyone feeling adventurous enough to emulate one?

1. Kim Junsu

Kim Junsu caught our attention as well as the attention of his fans with this shot while preparing for his music video "Tarantallegra." We call it the Frozen-inspired look (for lack of a better name because truthfully the whole look is pretty confusing) because of the intricate braids as well as the coloring of the hair both bleached blond and blue. Even his eyebrows got a color change! We're not quite sure what they were shooting for with this look, but it's definitely bold!

2. Zelo- B.A.P

Zelo has one of those faces that is so adorable he can pretty much make anything work. However, I'm not sure even he looks good with a head full of pink poofy curls. Give us back the bleach-blond curls that at least seemed to have been styled with a purpose. He looks a bit like a big ball of cotton candy, not exactly a look I think most people are aiming for. 

3. Sandara Park - 2NE1

Sandara Park has one of the most beautiful faces in K-pop, and she has no fear of playing with all sorts of looks and extreme styles. She can make even the strangest, most funky looks attractive. In 2NE1's video "It Hurts," she came out with the above hairstyle — long, tangled and frizzy. It's hard to stop ourselves from staring because only Sandara Park can make that hair look beautiful. 

4. G-Dragon 

Everyone knows G-Dragon has some of the most amazing and crazy hairstyles in the industry. He is never afraid to try on a new look, no matter what the look may be, and like Sandara Park, he almost always manages to pull it off. There is just something about his face that meshes well with crazy styles. Check out this frizzy, scary clown look above. How does one pull that off? 

5. Zico- Block B 

Zico made some pretty bold choices in choosing this hairstyle. Unfortunately for him, I'm not sure he pulled it off. I think there needs to be a lot of confidence and swagger when it comes to trying the more outrageous hairstyles. Look at someone like G-Dragon, who wears some hairstyles that I don't think are attractive at all, but he pulls them off because of his strong personality. This hairstyle makes Zico look like an extra from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

6. Sehun- EXO

While we are no stranger to the recent showing of stars with pastel-colored hair, it's not often you get to see all the colors of the rainbow on one head of hair. EXO's Sehun decided to give it all a go with this hairstyle, and I think it works. It's cute, it's fun, and it's different enough to stand out. Although it does seem like it would be a major hassle to maintain, we give it two thumbs up!

7. King- LC9 

Although this photo has been heavily airbrushed and photoshopped, the hairstyle is still absolutely incredible. It's just crazy and fun and suits King so much. It's a very modern version of the classic Elvis Presley hair, the original king — and that in itself makes me a fan. He looks a bit like he just stuck his hand in an electric socket. Every time I see him sporting this hairstyle, it makes me deliriously happy!

8. Taeyang 

This is one of those hairstyles that I have so many questions about. Like why? But really, why? Who thought of this hairstyle? Who sat there and said let's roll all the hair onto your head like this? And then when they tried the style out, who said.... yes that's exactly the look I was going for? Were they going for a binoculars on the head look? So many questions and not enough answers. 

9. Super Junior- Kim Ki Bum 

Where new fashion meets extremely old-school fashion. Super Junior's Kim Bi Bum pulls off this look like no other can. My whole life I've had a strong aversion to the traditional bowl cut hairstyle, but after seeing Kim Bi Bum sport the look I've realized that it just needs to be on the right head. Kim Bi Bum, congratulations on changing my mind about the bowl cut because I've become a huge fan.

photo credits (Elle Korea, soompi; kpopstars, dramabeans)

Are you bold enough to try a super daring haircut? What's the craziest you've ever done? 

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