T.O.P — BIGBANG rapper and bonafide hottie — turns 28 today! To celebrate, we made cupcakes that resemble all of his unique hairstyles, and they look almost as delicious as the artist himself.

1. Fantastic Baby! Who could forget TOP's signature blue mohawk in the "Fantastic Baby" music video?

2. "MADE" with love. BIGBANG's 'MADE' tour videos had T.O.P sporting some seriously unique hairstyles! This spiky, crown-like updo was one of our faves!

3. Tickled pink! While all BIGBANG members have dyed their hair over the years, the award for the brightest shade goes to T.O.P. Who knew pink could look so manly?


4. Knot-the-best. TOP sported this questionable hairstyle in his younger years. It may not be a look he's known for, but it does make for one delicious-looking cupcake!

5. TOP heavy. Whether it's platinum or beach boy blonde, TOP can rock yellow hair! But our cupcake almost fell over from the weight of all that frosting!

6. "Mint" to be. When TOP traded in the high, flat top look for bangs and a shorter 'do, fans fell in love!

7. "Glazed" and confused. TOP's hair for his recent Dazed photo shoot was a combination of porcupine-meets-windy-day. And somehow, he's never looked better!

8. Feelin' Alive! BIGBANG's 'Alive' tour poster featured all five members covered in white powder. Perfect inspiration for this white, angelic cupcake!

9. TOP of the list. At first glance, you might mistake T.O.P's hair for cotton candy — but this look makes for a perfect sweet treat, on or off his head. 

If we learned anything from this day in the kitchen, it's that TOP looks great, regardless of his hair style! Happy birthday, T.O.P! Use these cupcake ideas to celebrate his birthday in style!

Let's wish T.O.P a very happy birthday! You can celebrate by watching his new web series, Secret Message, this Saturday on DramaFever! You can see him in the sweet trailer below. And if you're a BIGBANG fan, we have the MADE tour coming excusively to DramaFever on November 11! Sign up for a concert alert HERE to be automatically entered to win a BIGBANG t-shirt!