It's no secret the k-industry is heavily influenced by cultures other than their own. Whether it be through the music or clothes it shows in just about every YG Entertainment music video. But that doesn't mean we see very many diverse love interests and leads to show for it. There are many types of people that listen to k-pop music that are not limited to one race. And, as at least a fan service, it's only right that the different nationalities get positively  featured in music videos. Here are 9 music videos that do just that.

I know that in Korean culture it is a good thing to have light skin. But in this day and age, people with lighter toned skin are not the only ones that listen to k-pop music. Recently, I've noticed a lot more diversity in k-pop music videos as it continues to makes it way across the world. These 9 music videos, I feel, are the start of something beautifully unique and diverse in Korea.

1. LA SONG by Rain

Dirty 30 Rain made his comeback early this year and while at first I wasn't very interested because I didn't know much about him besides the fact that he was in Full House. When I finally got around to listening to his comeback songs, I couldn't get them out of my head.This song is one of my favorites and I can't help but run around sing Laaaa lalalalaa La lala la la la lala la laaa! after I've finished listening to it. But when I get told to shut up I just go watch him in his new drama My Lovable Girl. The funniest part of this music video to me has to be when he whispers into her ear and she reacts the way I'm sure we all would if we could.


This is just the effect Rain has on the ladies. It's the Rain Effect. This is the power of Rainism. But of course, this isn't rain's first use of diversity. As you can see in his 2007 'Rain's Coming' tour, he ends his song 'Familiar Face' with a little lip action with dancer Destiny Rogers. He also performed multiple times with a Portuguese dancer by the name of Menina Fortunato during this tour.  

2. 'A' by Got7

Got7's A, which you can hear a lot of on Roommate Season 2,  was actually filmed in Malaysia. And at the cafe where they shot, you can see the costumers were a diverse group of people. This, in my opinion, makes the music video all the more fun.

3. It Girl by Homme

There are more than one type of  'It Girl', and though Homme doesn't show them all I can still appreciate their use of diverse models in their music video.

4. Only One by BoA

BoA is an incredible dancer and actress. And since I have already mentioned a lot of male-sung songs that feature diversity, BoA's songs and music videos can't go unnoticed. While this is one of the slower songs, it is beautifully sung and features many diverse back up dancers--one of which you can see get some solo action @ 2:03.

5. Incredible by Junsu

In this music video there are a bunch of different types of people. Everybody looked to be having a lot of fun, and their dance moves are incredible. (<== See what I did there?)

The header picture was taken from this music video.

6. Choosey Lover by TVXQ

This is an oldie but goodie by TVXQ, one you probably never even knew existed. But, nevertheless, it is insanely catchy and at 50 seconds, Yunho was approached by an African American model.

7. Know Your Name by Jay Park

In this music video, Mauika Hicks made history for being the first African American female lead in a kpop music video. I can tell you this, I wouldn't mind being in her place during this part:


Well, hello, there. Body rolls for everyone!

8. One of A Kind by G-Dragon

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. The children he dances with and talks on the phone cups with are black or of mixed race. And not only are they incredible dancers, they are super adorable.

9. Ringa Linga by Tae Yang

Normally I wouldn't include this one because it is technically not a music video. But it can't go unnoticed. It is practically bursting out the seams with diverse dancers and this particular video of the dance performance received over 1 million more views than the music video.

I hope to see more diversity in k-music videos in the future. Maybe it will help to say we don't bite. ;)

So, did I miss any? What are your thoughts on diversity in kpop music videos? Tell me in the comment section below!

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