Every drama fan at some point wishes his or her life was a K-drama. It would be so much more interesting and contain so many more hot Korean stars. But let's face it; real life is very different than a drama. And while we may have dramatic moments in our lives, no one does heart-wrenching, shock-inducing melodrama better than K-dramas.

Ranging from mistaken identities to accidental kisses, below are 9 situations that only happen in K-dramas but we wish would happen in real life!

1. The wrist grab

There have been whole articles written about epic K-drama wrist grabs that make your heart jump. Wrist grabs are a standard in any drama. From the City Hunter “I’m-not-ready-to-let-you-go” wrist grab to the “don’t-give-up-I-love-you” one from The Master’s Sun, a good wrist grab makes you gasp and pray to the drama gods that the awesome wrist grab you just witnessed will lead to an even more awesome first (or second) kiss.

2. The accidental kiss

Quick survey: how many of you have ever tripped while walking with your crush and landed with your lips ever so gently pressed to your crush's lips as he breaks your fall? Anyone? If this has happened to you — congratulations! Your life is one step closer to a drama than the rest of ours! Even if this type of first kiss scenario never happens in real life, it is a common occurrence in K-dramas such as My Girl and You’re Beautiful.

3. Mistaken gender

While few girls would actually be happy to be mistaken for a guy in real life, K-dramas have proved time and again that this situation is a great way for the two main leads to get to know each other! Take Coffee Prince for example; would Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Kyul have gotten as close or learned as much about each other if Han Kyul didn’t mistake Eun Chan for a boy? Probably not. Same goes for Go Mi Nyu in You’re Beautiful, whose decision to join A.N.JELL and pretend to be her brother ultimately brought her together with Tae Kyung. Once the initial shock of being deceived wears off, the mains leads are able to finally able to be together! 

4. The piggyback ride

K-dramas have led me to believe that the streets of Seoul on Saturday night are filled with men (and women) carrying their drunk/tired/injured friends or lovers home. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? K-dramas are filled with these subtle expressions of love and caring. I wish I could find a handsome man like Jeon Jin Ho from Personal Taste or Hyun Ki Joon from Lie to Me to carry me home!

Watch the all-star cast of Unkind Women, including Lee Ha Na, Chae Si Ra, and Song Jae Rim, in a series about three generations of women learning to support each other:

5. The love triangle

Honestly, getting stuck in a love triangle sounds like a lot of work. And at least one member of the triangle always ends up unhappy. However, K-drama love triangles do produce some dramatic as well as laughable situations that any fan would love to experience once. Like the unprecedented double wrist grab above from Heirs. Did anyone see that coming? Or the awkward refusing-to-leave cuddle scenario Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk get themselves into in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

6. Destined repeat encounters

It seems like in real life, whenever you see someone beautiful in passing or someone you feel like you have a connection with, you never see them again. There are billions of people on the planet, and encountering the same person over and over again by chance is highly unlikely. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I fail to cross paths with Jang Geun Suk. But in K-dramas, these chance encounters-turned-relationships are the norm, like in It’s Okay, That’s Love and Lie to Me, both pictured above. It was a chance encounter, and then repeat chance encounters, that started their whirlwind, if not rocky, relationships.

7. The dramatic proclamation of love

Remember when Han Kyul’s finally accepts Eun Chan as a woman and proclaims his love in Coffee Prince? Such a beautiful scene. However, very few K-drama proclamations of love can top Jeon Jin Ho’s “game over” admittance in Personal Taste, which you can watch above. It combines not only a dramatic realization of his feelings for Park Kae In, but also a wrist grab and a steamy kiss! It is arguably one of my favorite scenes in all of K-drama history. While real life love proclamations are always happy and beautiful, they will never be as epic as they are in K-dramas.

8. Illumination of love

In many K-dramas, the recognition of love is often represented by lights illuminating or turning on, as if one is seeing their love for the first time or finally coming to the realization that they really love them. Any old-school drama fans remember the iconic park scene from My Girl when Gong Chan closes his eyes and counts to five, hoping that when he opens them the one he loves will appear before his eyes. As he opens his eyes, the entire park lights up with thousands of glistening Christmas lights, and he spies Yoo Rin across the square. I died. Or in My Love From Another Star when Do Min Joon lights up the entire movie set village for Cheon Song Yi as she is walking away from him in a display of love for her. She is struck by the beauty of the lights, and he finally admits how much he loves her. I wish this fairy tale lights situation would happen to me!

9. Superpowers

Everyone, even non-drama fans, would admit that superpowers would be awesome to have. But those of us who do love Korean dramas know that the introduction of superpowers adds a whole new layer to the typical K-drama storyline. Can you imagine My Love From Another Star if Do Min Joon wasn’t an alien? While it would have made his and Cheon Song Yi’s relationship a little simpler, it certainly wouldn’t have been as mysterious or heart wrenching. And Joo Hong Bin’s mysterious ability to grow sharp blades from his body in Blade Man — not normally a superpower one would choose to have, but his powers did help to bring him closer to Son Se Dong and repair his broken heart. The advent of superpower and supernatural K-dramas brings a whole new set of rules and storylines that K-drama addicts can’t get enough of! 

Are there any situations that happen in K-dramas that you wished happened in real life? Comment down below!