We have a tendency to think that our favorite K-pop idols are perfect in every way. They have incredible dancing skills, are talented vocally, and are pretty to look at on top of that. Not to mention their excellent fashion sense and designer clothing. What we forget is that they are also human and just as susceptible to mistakes as the rest of us. That's why some of the best mistakes these idols make that are captured on camera are the ones starring idols we love. It makes them seem more real and makes us love them even more. Here are 9 of our favorite mistakes captured on camera:

1. Heechul Misses the Stage

Popular K-pop group Super Junior have won the world over with their humor, kindness, and talent. During a concert in Beijing, Heechul showed his fallibility when forgetting to step backwards onto the stage that later rises without him. So there he stands and we are left wondering, does he even know that he forgot? What's even more hilarious is the expressions of his fellow group mates as they try to handle the situation, from covering up laughter to crazy eye signals. There is so much fun to be seen in this clip. 

2. Taeyang Slips on Stage

While playing an outdoor concert in Malaysia on a rainy day, Taeyang slipped on what appears to be a very slippery stage. There are two things that impressed me about his particular slip. The first being that he manages to stay upright, not succumbing to gravity. The second being that he doesn't miss a beat. He just continues on singing and goes on with the show. A true consummate performer if ever I saw one. 

3. ONEW Falls Out Of Chair

SHINee's Onew is one of the most lovable idols out there. This video perfectly showcases why he is so beloved by all. Not only is he laid back and carefree enough to rock on his chair, but when he falls out of it in a rather outrageous manner, he manages to laugh at himself, realizing the humor in the situation. He never appears to take himself too seriously and manages to find a way to have fun in all that he does. 

4. IU Almost Slips On Stage

This is one of the most impressive stage slips I've ever seen. There are so many limbs flailing all over the place, it's actually hard to believe that the body can move in that manner. It's amazing that she stays upright, and, like Taeyang, after she recovers she just goes on with the show. With a smile!

5. Taemin's Pants Split On Stage

There are so many wardrobe accidents in K-pop, and poor Taemin had to experience one of them during a live performance. Despite the fact that it was a flawless performance with breathtaking choreography and fantastic vocals, all that is remembered is Taemin's split pants. Our hats go off to him as he maintained his cool and went on with the show, never letting on that this extremely humiliating experience had happened. 

6. Yoona Almost Loses Her Wig

I could watch this clip of Yoona over and over, it is so adorable. As she lets out a big belly laugh, she forgets that she has clip-on bangs, which flip over and get exposed for the world to see. Upon realizing what has just happened, she falls into even deeper giggles at the hilarious moment. Such a lovable reaction. 

7. Sistar's Bora Stage Slip

We've all seen the big spill Bora took on stage as she performed with Sistar when slipped face down onto the stage. She doesn't seem to have much luck when it comes to stage accidents. Luckily for her, Hyorin was watching out for her and lends a helping hand, stopping her from falling off the edge of the stage and showing how band mates help each other out during thick and thin. 

8. TOP's Headphones Explode

Although not a major spill, what I love about this is the reaction to TOP's silly situation. As he puts his headphones on, the headband pieces pop loose, leaving him with just the ear part. As he sits there with them covering his ears, his mates can't help but giggle at him, which he takes with a smile. I love that he seems to be saying "yup that just happened" and yet puts the headphones back over his ears, getting on with the task at hand. 

9. Cross Gene's Hilarious Choreography

Okay this one may not be embarrassing unless it is? I can't quite figure it out. During Cross Gene's debut on stage, they showed off some fantastic skills. But if you watch at 1:20 ish, the guy in the back does a crazy superman jump to make his spot in the line. I can't figure out if it's the choreography or if it is a mistake on his part. What makes me hesitate to think it's a part of the choreography is that the rest of the song they are all so serious. Either way, it's super adorable and I could watch it over and over again. 

Do these videos make you love your favorite idols more? Or do you find yourself a little bit let down that they aren't the superhumans you thought they were?