There have been many K-drama series where the adorable child actors have stolen the spotlight, often making us wonder years after what happened to them. Sometimes these talented children grow up to be exceptionally talented and versatile actors, wowing us with their wisdom, charm and maturity — in part because we have their younger selves to compare them to. Here are some of the most beloved K-drama child actors, some on their way to the top and others already there. 

1. Park Shin Hye: Then- Stairyway to Heaven, Now- Pinocchio

Arguably one of the most well known K-drama actresses around the world, Park Shin Hye has been a huge part of the K-drama scene since her debut in Stairway to Heaven. Since then, she has gone on to prove what an amazing actress she is in many leading roles, most recently in Pinocchio. She has grace and yet a down-to-earthness that makes her lovable to many. At the top of her game, I can't wait to see what she does next!

2. Kim So Hyun: Then- Que Sera, Sera, Now- Sensory Couple

Still very young, Kim So Hyun starred in her first K-drama Que Sera, Sera. She has maintained a steady pace of acting as the younger characters in K-dramas, often being picked as the unlikable characters or the over-the-top, outspoken ones. She has branded herself as someone strong and feisty, shying away from the a more demure image. She currently has a small role as Yoochun's younger sister in Sensory Couple, but most excitingly, she is set to star in her first lead role in Who Are You: School 2015.

3. Moon Geun Young: Then- Autumn In My Heart, Now- Cinderella's Sister

A huge favorite in the K-drama world, Moon Geun Young has shown the world time and again just how talented she really is. It's difficult to believe she was only 13 years old when she was in Autumn in My Heart. More recently she wowed us with her beauty and depth in Cinderella's Sister and Cheongdamdong Alice

4. Kim Sae Ron: Then- A Brand New Life, Now - High School - Love On

Many may recognize her from Block B's MV Jackpot. Kim Sae Ron debuted at the very young age of 9 in A Brand New Life and managed to pull on our heartstrings with her sweet and adorable demeanor. More recently she stared in High School - Love On as an angel that becomes human, making those close to her (and us) fall in love with her along the way.  

5. Lee Hyun Woo: Then -Lobbyist, Now-The Technicians

Lee Hyun Woo managed to capture our attention at only 11 years old in Spring Day. With his effortlessly cute face this comes as no surprise. He has shown his depth of acting in his varied projects, managing to convey emotion in a way that seems beyond his years. His most recent film The Technicians is sure to catapult him into stardom. 

See Lee Hyun Woo's impressive performance on The Technicians:

6. Lee Min Ho (the other one): Then- Waikiki Brothers, Now-  The Prime Minister and I

It can't be easy always having to be referred to as "the other Lee Min Ho," or to share a name with a K-drama actor who has captured the attention of so many. This Lee Min Ho got started in acting at 5 in a daily Korean sitcom. Although he hasn't managed to break into a lead role as of yet, his beautiful face and excellent comedic timing will hopefully get him there sometime soon. 

7. Shim Eun Kyung: Then- Marry Me- Now- Tomorrow's Cantabile

It's hard to believe that Shim Eun Kyung is only 20 years old — in part because we have been watching her act since she was 10 years old, but also because what she is able to do when acting seems so mature and, at times, devastating. She is amazingly talented and has a classic beauty that will lend her many leading roles over many years. She still has so much to show us, and I cannot wait to see it all. 

8. Kim Yoo Jung: Then -Sympathy for Lady Vengeance- Now- Secret Door

Another actress who made her debut at only 5 years old. Kim Yoo Jung has been incredibly successful and maintained a presence in the K-drama world consistently since her very young debut. With her beauty — (look at that face; it's almost scary how perfect it is) and talent, she will continue to rise up the ranks. She's still so young, but I have no doubt that she will be landing leading roles in the next few years. 

9. Yoo Seung Ho: Then- The Way Home, Now - I Miss You

Another beloved child actor, Yoo Seung Ho endeared himself to many as the child actor in The Way Home. He has always been a favorite of the ladies, even from when he was only 9 years old. In I Miss You, he managed to secure himself as a heartthrob with his dashing smile and charm. Now that he has been discharged from military duty, I can't wait to see what comes next!

So there it is! 9 adorable, lovable child actors who have now matured into the famous stars we know and love today. Who has impressed you the most?