While watching Asian dramas, it's always fun to pick up phrases from other languages. Here are a few words that can be learned while watching Taiwanese Dramas! Let's take our examples from the drama Just You.

1. Yes (是的)

Even though I've been told there really isn't a universal word for "yes," I've heard "shì de" used to mean "yes," or something very similar.

2. No (不是)

The word "bú shì" is often used in dramas to mean "no."

3. Thank you (谢谢)

"Xiè xie nǐ" can be heard a remarkable number of times throughout Taiwanese dramas because everyone is usually so polite!

4. I'm sorry (对不起)

If you ever need to apologize for something, say "duìbùqǐ."

5. Hello (你好)

It's always good to know how to say hello! If you didn't already know, it's pronounced as "nǐhǎo."

6. Don't worry (别担心)

While comforting a friend, the phrase "bié dān xīn" may be used.

7. Cute (可爱)

Especially when you are with adorable puppies, the word "kěài" is very necessary to know!

8. Why? (为什么)

If you need to find out the reason for something, you can say "wèishénme."

9. Boss (老板)

This one is especially important in Just You. It is pronounced as "lǎobǎn."

Those are just a few words you can learn while watching Taiwanese dramas! What are your favorite phrases that you've learned while watching Asian dramas? Let us know in the comments section below!