Happy Turkey Day! It's officially the one day of the year we're supposed to give thanks for various good things we're happy about. There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for, including GIFs that have captured moments of Lee Min Ho being cute! It's one thing to sit around stuffing your face with turkey and potatoes, but it's a totally different type of turkey wing to stuff your faces while scrolling through 9 cute GIFs of Lee Min Ho!

9. He's acting so sassy and holding a mirror, so therefore he's cute.

8. Sure his smile is cute, but what's really cute is the hat and side-swooped bang/fringe. The style is just adorable.

7. It's like can he play ONE character who wears glasses?! He looks really adorable in glasses!

See Lee Min Ho in the fun romantic comedy Personal Taste:

6. Okay, I lied. Lee Min Ho doesn't look cute in this GIF at all. It's actually bloody-lipped Kim Woo Bin in the back being a pesky distraction that's totally cute. 

5. RAWR! The baby just attacked his face! Cuteee!

4. Aegyo failure, which is why it's cute!

3. The Sass of it all!

2. Whatever he's doing is cute, but I suppose if you think about it another way, it could be creepy.

1. That banana milk dance will never get old...never!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE