Sometimes we wonder if Korean actresses eat antiseptics to keep their looks and skin so young for decades, and we're sure we're not the only ones astonished by their stunning beauties. Some are particularly more beautiful than others, like these nine actresses who've represented Korea on Miss Korea and Miss Universe competitions. Do you think their beauty truly is age-proof? Take a look to find out!

1. Lee Bo Young

God's Gift actress Lee Bo Young talked about her Miss Korea days on Healing Camp March 2013. She said, “I auditioned for it because I heard it’s easy to get a job when you’re a Miss Korea. I wanted to put on the resume that I had won Miss Korea because it felt like I was left alone in the society.”

She added details about her college life in the same interview. “I went on a lot of dates in college.” She added, “I wanted to make a boyfriend, and thought of how to make one. I went on a lot of dates for a year or two.”

Lee Bo Young was the Daejeon representative of the 2000 Miss Korea contest.

2. Kim Sa Rang

Kim Sa Rang won the 2000 Miss Korea, and she has since been in many dramas like A Love to Kill with Rain and Secret Garden. She was recently picked as third hottest South Korean woman by Playboy. She will play a leading role on upcoming drama My Love Eun Dong, which premieres June.

3. Son Tae Young

Actress Son Tae Young was a second runner-up at the 2000 Miss Korea and a Korea representative at the 2000 Miss International. Her sister Son Tae Im also won Miss Korea in 1999. The I Am Sam and You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin actress is now married to actor Kwon Sang Woo, and the couple has two children, Rookie and Riho.

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4. Sung Hyun Ah

The Flames of Desire and Yi San actress Sung Hyun Ah was a semi finalist of the 1994 Miss Korea.

5. Kim Yeon Joo

Crazy Love actress Kim Yeon Joo won the 1999 Miss Korea and debuted in 2000 as an actress.

6. Yum Jung Ah

Royal Family actress Yum Jung Ah was the first runner-up of the 1991 Miss Korea.

7. Go Hyun Jung

Amazing actress Go Hyun Jung won first runner-up at the 1989 Miss Korea. She's been in many dramas like political Daemul, historical Queen Seon Duk and action thriller H. I. T.

8. Park Si Yeon

Greatest Marriage actress Park Si Yeon was a semi-finalist at the 2000 Miss Korea. After debut, she used to go out with Eric, actor and member of boy group Shinhwa.

9. Lee Ha Nui

Lee Ha Nui was the first place winner of 2006 Miss Korea. In 2007, she won the fourth place at Miss Universe, which took place in Mexico City, Mexico. On April 9, 2015, she was picked as the hottest South Korean woman by Playboy. Now an actress, Lee Ha Nui starred in many dramas like Modern Farmer and Pasta. She’s been dating actor Yoon Kye Sang since January 2013 and hosts the beauty show Get It Beauty

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