Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang was joined by 5,000 fans in Beijing and millions more on air to celebrate his 25th birthday. It has definitely been a good year for the rising actor, not to mention that his romcom Love O2O just finished as a top summer smash hit. Take a look at these highlights from the festive celebration, including a surprise appearance by an actress who Yang Yang has admitted to be his ideal type.

The entire event is about 2 hours long. We have the full video but it's not subbed, so I'll do my best to pick out interesting and memorable highlights. (Sorry, it's simply too huge a job to translate such a long video.)

1. Check out the crowd! All the tickets are distributed free to lucky fans selected through nationwide drawings. This year, the party was held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium on September 10. (Yang Yang's birthday is September 9.)

The name of the party is "楊洋自在Young" for "Freely Young." As you may already know, Yang Yang's name is pronounced just like "Young Young."

2. Count down to the big event! Yang Yang is one of the most popular young actors in China. Fans were counting down to this birthday celebration starting months ago, and they were thrilled by this stylish MV released just before the event:

2. Just minutes before he was to appear on stage for the birthday party, Yang Yang broadcasted live to say a greeting. He told the fans that all the gifts received at the party were being sent to a charity. Early on he asked how many people were watching, and would you believe the answer was 6 million? 

He seemed a bit hesitant about the live platform because he rambled for a while, saying he is not used to this format, and that people need a special talent in talking, eating, or at least have a pretty face. (Yang Yang, you do know you are good looking, don't you?)

3. Yang Yang sang the theme song for Love O2O, starting at 14:50 in the 2-hour video.

For the English lyrics, you can check out the MV included in this article.

4. A star for a star! Yang Yang was given a certificate proving that a star was named after him. It turns out the he owns a telescope, (standing in his balcony as shown in the photo,) and has liked to view the glittering night sky since childhood. (Staring at 23:20, you can see the star that is located near the Sagittarius constellation, according to the video.)

5. Actress Liu Yifei came to congratulate him in person. Yang Yang has reportedly said that Liu Yifei is his ideal type, and they are both the perfectionist Virgos. They are co-starring in a new historical fantasy movie, 三生三世十里桃花, literally translated as "Three Lives, Three Generations, and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom."

It's probably just PR for the upcoming movie, because right now I'm sure Love O2O fans would have preferred to see his leading lady Zheng Shuang at the birthday party.

6. It's time to sing Happy Birthday for Yang Yang! Go to 39:32:00 in the video. When asked what wish he made, Yang Yang said he made "many wishes."

Do you see a cute little lamb on top of the birthday cake? There are many words that sound exactly the same in Chinese, and the word 羊 (Sheep) also sounds just like Yang Yang's name. That's why his fans are nicknamed wool.

7. Many top Chinese stars also joined in to wish Yang Yang a happy birthday, such as Fan BingbingHuang XiaomingWallace Huo, Tiffany TangSun Honglei (wearing his typical dark shades,) and more. You can watch the video segment from 1:07:34.

Here's Tiffany Yang:

8. Yang Yang released a new song 爱是一个疯字, "Love is Crazy," and performed it at the party.

You can also watch it starting at 01:21:00 in the full video.

Yang Yang said he didn't think he's that good a singer, but he would sing for his fans.

9. What's a fan meet without meeting fans on stage? Some lucky fans were invited to get up close with Yang Yang, starting at 01:27:23. Fans all around China who couldn't make it to the party also recorded videos to wish their star a happy birthday.

10. A touching surprise was revealed! It turned out that Yang Yang wore a fan-made t-shirt the entire time underneath his outfits. You can start from 1:47:00 to hear Yang Yang say "I love you" to the fans, bow to express his thanks, and surprised everyone when he started to take his clothes off. (Squeals!)

Yang Yang said he wanted to wear the t-shirt to sing the farewell song, which starts from 1:49:00. The lyrics are about thanking the fans to stay with him as they journey on.

Did you know this public event is not the first time Yang Yang has held a celebration party for his birthday? There was a big event last year when he turned 24. With Yang Yang's fast rising popularity, can you imagine what his birthday party would be like next year?

Happy Birthday, Yang Yang!

In the meantime, remember to watch or watch again the charming Love O2O!

Love O2O has the perfect combination of cute romance, attractive leads, college student vibes, fantasy gaming, all wrapped in one enjoyable package. The fantasy world presented in the drama is so complex and vividly lush that many fans have said that's what attract them first to the drama.

Join Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuan) on their journey from online gaming to real romance.


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