Only in a K-drama could someone get away with one of these love confessions. I'll readily admit that even as an avid viewer of K-dramas, I sit there and sigh with a big goofy grin on my face. I wait every series for the love confession— and no matter what I always sit there grinning at the TV. But when I actually stop to think about the love confession given, I have to wonder... would I really like someone to say that to me in real life? Which love confession had you shocked? Would you secretly like to receive one of these confessions? Tell me below!

1. My Lovely Sam Soon

So am I attractive? Or not? Or am I only attractive because I don't think I'm attractive? Wait... I'm confused. 

2. Secret Garden

I guess you're think I'm pretty. That's good... but you sound kind of shocked by it. Is it that shocking that you could see me as pretty? 

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3. Kill Me, Heal Me

ummmmmmm ...... there is a tad bit of stalkerishness in this confession. 10 p.m. sharp? 

4. Coffee Prince alien? Did you think I might be an alien? Also....why will you say it just once? Am I never going to hear that again? If I have to live off of one confession for the rest of my life, I wish it had been a bit better. 

5. Playful Kiss

This started out alright. I wish you'd stopped at beautiful. But....then you say I'm not all that pretty and not always cute. So, what am I then? I can only fill in the blanks with horrible thoughts. 

6. Heirs

I mean.... do you? I'm not really sure. I think so? I hope so! But, maybe you should just clear it up for me. 

7. Winter Sonata

Wait... I know those are nice words, but all I heard was appearances aren't important. So, the only logical conclusion my mind can come up with is you don't find me all that attractive. 

8. Princess Hours

Not a bad idea? We should probably live the rest of our lives together if it's not the worst choice available right? Especially if you only sometimes want to hold on to me. Perfect start to a relationship!

9. Greatest Love

Well I'm glad you think I'm beautiful.... but I'm not so glad it's because you think your eyes are broken. I kind of just want to be beautiful. 

Would you be happy with one of these confessions? Do you also find yourself grinning through them even though you realize they aren't all that lovey dovey?