The chemistry on screen between the two main characters is an integral part of the success of a K-drama series. Sometimes the chemistry is less believable, resulting in a less-than-satisfying series. Sometimes the chemistry is so believable that you find yourself googling whether the couple is dating in real life. When it's discovered they are not dating, it's difficult to believe because their acting was so natural and real. In this list we look at 9 of our favorite on-screen couples we wish would get together in real life:

1. Kyrstal/Min HyukHeirs

f(x)'s Krystal and CNBlue's Min Hyuk were ridiculously adorable in Heirs. Their cutesy behavior and obvious affection were so believable it's hard to imagine that there is a world where they are not dating. They stole almost every scene they were in, which is saying a lot going up against the cast they were with. 

2. Jung Yoo Mi/Shinhwa's EricDiscovery of Romance

The two boasted extremely good chemistry on Discovery of Romance and left us all wanting more even after the show ended. I know that I typed "Jung Yoo Mi and Eric dating" into Google a few hundred times. Maybe if I ask Google often enough it will make it happen?

3. Park Shin Hye/ Lee Jong SukPinocchio

There is no denying that these two have a great friendship. It shows in how they interact not only on film but in real life as well. It's telling that the world wants these two to get together as they are constantly bombarded with press reporting on their alleged relationship. For those of us who would love to see them be a couple, just think that many great romances start with a good friendship.

4. Jo In SungGong Hyo JinIt's Okay That's Love

In my opinion, Jo In Sung was Gong Hyo Jin's most compatible leading partner. The two were so naturally close around one another that it's easy to see why so many people believed them to be dating off-screen during the run of It's Okay, That's Love. Add to that both of them going through breakups during the series, and you can see why so many people were left hopeful. 

5. Ji Chang WookPark Min YoungHealer

Healer gave us plenty of opportunities to see the chemistry between Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook. Every moment between them seemed so natural and unforced and there appears to be so much care and consideration between these two people that they are one of the couples I'd most love to see get together. 

6. Lee Sung Jae/Kim Hee JungJeju Island Gatsby

Lee Sung Jae and Kim Hee Jung had almost all of my favorite moments on Jeju Island Gatsby (not including everything with the mayor, because he was incredible). They have such difficulty communicating with each other, and yet they clearly have fallen in love. What I love most about them is their honest portrayal of how cheesy and silly falling in love can be mixed with some incredibly raw and real emotions. 

7. Ha Ji Won/ Lee Jin WookThe Time That I Loved You, 7000 days

After watching The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, how could you not want this couple to be true in real life? In an interview for Newsen, Ha Ji Won even admitted that Lee Jin Wook is her 

most appealing costar yet. That's saying a lot since she has acted beside Hyun Bin, Lee Seung Gi, and Ji Chang Wook.

8. Kim Soo HyunIUProducer

Besides the fact that these two both make beautiful music when they sing together and they make an incredibly good looking couple, their chemistry on Producer was palpable. I can totally understand and relate to those who loved the Gong Hyo Jin/Kim Soo Hyun relationship for Producer, and I agree that it was really cute in the show, but in real life I'd be more excited if these two got together. 

9. Song Ji HyoKang GaryRunning Man

Better know as the Monday Couple from the show Running Man, the two have become such a famous couple that fans are crying that they may as well start dating each other. It's one of those things where I just constantly face palm that they aren't together in real life. Even Gary admits that they have "a thing." I really hope that this "thing" can turn into an official romance with a wedding one day. Who wouldn't rejoice at that?

Which couple would you most like to see get together in real life?

Watch Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook as two longtime best friends who discover romantic feelings for each other in The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days: