In the last few years we have seen many K-pop singers who have increased their fame and showcased how talented they are by turning to roles in K-dramas, including SuzyIU, and Lee Seung Gi. Many of them have been critically recognized not only for their success in music but also in their acting capabilities. While these singers-turned-actors were received well, stars who started in acting and turned their attention and passion into the music world have often been overlooked and dismissed. Here are our 9 favorite K-drama stars who have proven themselves musically:

1. So Ji Sub

Many girls the world over have fallen in love with So Ji Sub's dashing lead characters from his critically acclaimed roles in K-dramas. In the last few years he has begun to show another side of himself to the world — that of a hip hop star. Although he has been received with mixed reviews, he is still fairly new as a musical artist and I think with time we will see a very interesting artist emerge. 

2. Lee Min Ho

It is no surprise that Lee Min Ho is one of the most loved Korean actors globally, so when he announced the release of his Japanese mini-album titled My Everything, many were excited to see what sort of singing talent he possessed. Although not many could claim he has powerful vocals or that he possesses raw talent, his singing is in no way offensive and makes his many fans exceptionally happy. 

3. Jang Geun Suk

Like Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk broke into the music market after achieving success as an actor. He released his first single in Japan in 2011, which quickly shot to the top of the charts and won a best new artist award in 2012. Although he started his career as a model and then got into acting, he has proven himself to possess musical talent and creativity through his duo group called Team H.

4. Jung Yong Hwa

Unlike Jang Geun Suk, CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa made his acting debut, shortly after which he debuted as a lead vocalist of the idol boy band CNBlue. Although his first acting role came before his singing debut, he didn't spend much time in the K-drama world, rather concentrating his talents and energy on music. Although he has garnered much critical acclaim for his musical talent, he has continued to act.

5. Ailee

Similar to Jung Yong Hwa, singer Ailee actually debuted in a K-drama before she performed as a singer for her first single "Heaven." She showed off her well-rounded talents in Dream High 2, where she played the role of an idol who was part of a fictional K-pop group called HershE. Although she hasn't acted in any roles since, we are glad to continue to see her phenomenal rise as a powerhouse in the world of female idols. 

6. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun has sky rocketed to fame with each successive role he has played. From his first drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun to his most current role in Producer, we have see many sides of this incredible and versatile actor. The first time we got a taste of his singing capabilities was in the K-drama Dream High, in which he sang "Dreaming." He became one of the most successful crossover artists, garnering much fame and attention for his skills. Although his main focus and passion is on acting, he has said he will continue to sing.

7. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin, who most recently starred in Hyde, Jekyll and I, received a lot of interest in his voice when he sang "That Man" on the OST for his drama Secret Garden. He has a soothing voice that is loved by many fans, and all are hopeful that we will continue to see more of his talent. 

8. Park Shin Hye

Is there anything in the world multi-talented actress Park Shin Hye can't do? Not only has she proven herself many times over as a fan favorite in every K-drama in which she acts, but she has contributed with her sweet voice to many of the dramas she has acted in. During fan meetings, she often displays her passion for singing, and most of her dramas include a track sung by her. 

9. Joo Won

Joo Won technically started his career trajectory in both music and acting as he started out in musicals but quickly switched into the world of acting, gaining stardom for his complicated and often dark characters. He has lent his vocals to some of the OSTs for the dramas he has acted in and has proven that he is equally talented in both arenas. 

How do you feel about your favorite K-drama stars delving into the world of music? Which K-drama stars would you like to hear more from?

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