With Valentine's Day just around the corner and love on our minds, we bring you 9 songs sure to set the mood for a fantastic, romantic holiday. Don't speak Korean? Don't love K-pop? We bet these 9 songs will captivate your hearts anyway. Whether you're in the middle of a real life K-drama romance or single, these songs should be the soundtrack to the next 3 weeks of your life. 

1. G.Na ft Rain " What I want to do when I have a lover"

Such a sweet duet from G.NA and Rain. G. NA has such a powerful range with her voice, in this song we see her softer, sweeter side. If you're a ballad person, you'll probably adore this. 

2. Juniel and Yongwha "Fool"

If you're in that fairly new part of a relationship where you are stupidly in love with someone, nothing else seems to matter, then this is the song for you. Juniel and Yongwha's vocals will warm you up and have you gazing lovingly at the one you love. 

3. IU and 2AM's Seulong "Nagging"

Such a great groove to this song. This is the type of song I listen to when I'm getting ready to go out for a romantic date. Such a great, happy song to put you in a playful mood. 

4. Taeceyon and Nichkhun "My Valentine"

This song is raight up about Valentine's Day. Who doesn't want a song that addresses the holiday they so look forward to? Besides that, the funky rhythm and thoughtful lyrics have me sold on adding this song to my Valentine's Day soundtrack. 

5. B1A4 "Beautiful Target"

Such a fun song. Want to be bopping your head and dancing around your house like a crazy person? Listen to this song! It'll put you in a good mood AND get the chorus "I like it, like it, like it" stuck in your head. Sets a good mood for a happy and fun few weeks ahead. 

6.B2ST's Dongwoon and Kang Mi Young "Udon"

Such a cute and catchy song. Who doesn't want to be compared to Udon (even if Udon is not the Korean word for these noodles) !

7. CNBlue "Love Girl"

Wishing for love this Valentine's Day? Crank this song up and imagine CNBlue is singing this song to you.

8. Ailee "Heaven"

When I first heard this song I was instantly taken back to Beyonce's Halo (which lets face it, is an amazingly beautiful song). This song shows off Ailee's amazing vocal range. If this Valentine's Day you've decided to declare your love to someone, listen to this song for inspiration. 

9. GD & Top "Don't Go Home"

Wanting to get in a funkier, cheeky mood for your hot date? This is the song for you! Don't miss out on the video. It's a masterpiece in itself. 

There you have our top 9 songs for your Valentine's Day soundtrack. What's on your playlist?