There are so many reasons to love K-pop, and good dance moves are close to the top of my list. We expect our artists to be able to sing well, dance well, and look good, and the artists below do not disappoint! There are a lot of K-pop music videos out there with amazing choreography, but these 9 are my list of favorites (for now). Is there anything you think should be added to the list? Let me know below.

1. EXO "Growl"

This video was taken in one shot. One shot! While others may find that boring, I find that so cool. These guys have to be on top of their game to pull it off. I'm also not the biggest fan of playing too much with the camera (switching angles too fast, too often). I think this MV just shows off how insanely talented these guys are at dancing. The choreography is good and is showcased with the simplicity of the video. I love the outfits too. Suits with nice runners. I'm a fan. 

2. BTS "Boy in Luv"

I'll start off saying I just love this song; it has that grittier side of K-pop sound. Okay, to be fair, they are rap artists and can't really be put into the K-pop category, but I couldn't resist. I had to include them because I really, really love this video. But aside from that,the dancing is unreal. 

3. SHINee "Ring Ding Dong"

You don't have to be the biggest K-pop lover to love SHINee's dancing. When I first started to watch their videos, there was a little voice inside of my head that thought, "Is this just really silly?" It didn't take me long to snap out of that and recognize their talent. In "Ring Ding Dong," aside from it being a ridiculously catchy song, I feel like a lot of their dance moves have a Michael Jackson vibe, and what's not to love about that?

4. TVXQ "Keep Your Head Down"

I completely and absolutely love the beginning of this video. The first 30 seconds are just pure magic. I could watch it over and over again. The rest of the MV is great as well, but the beginning is art. I love the krumping that pops up in this video. So many different styles are showcased, and I love them all. 

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5. miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

I might be partial to this video because I was a ballerina who always wished she could dance like these girls. I think this video is so cute. A lot of the dance moves channel a cuter version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" (which, from me, is a very high compliment indeed). 

6. Girls' Generation "I Got a Boy"

I feel you can't have a MV choreography list without adding a Girls' Generation video. These. Girls. Can. Dance. I'd love to have their skills. This video makes me want to stand in front of my TV and practice again and again until I get it right. My favorite part of the video comes around 2 minutes in. I just love these girls — so much talent here. And who doesn't love a good hair whip? (look for it around 3:01)

7. Super Junior "Mr Simple"

Just like the song is titled — simple. The dance moves in this video make me feel like I could actually learn them and dance along to the song (although admittedly, they make it look A LOT easier than it is). The feeling is still there — making dance accessible to everyone. Besides which, the song is so catchy and the dance moves are fun. 

8. SS501 "Love Ya"

SS501's dance moves are incredible. I also love the setting for this MV. My one wish with this music video is that they would fix the camera work. Way, way too much movement, which makes it harder to focus on the dancing. I still added it to my list though because I think the choreography is outstanding. 

9. Bang! "After School"

An older song, but a good one. The whole concept of this video is so fun.I love the marching band/cheerleading choreography. I want to join a marching band. It would be as fun as in this video, right? 

I'm always looking for more videos to add to my list, and as I said, my list is always changing and growing. What's on your list right now? Whose dance moves can you not get enough of?