Everyone has spent at least some time imagining who they will spend the rest of their lives with. We imagine what they look like, what their personality is like, and what our lives will look like when we have found that perfect someone.  Oftentimes we turn to our favorite stars as a way to discover what it is that we like or don't like and in hopes that maybe we would fit well with them. One of the most frequently asked questions these idols get is who would be their ideal partner. 

Sometimes the answers are specific, sometimes vague, often naming another celebrity who can give you an idea of what their ideal type is. Here is a list of some of our favorite idols' ideal types.

1. Ailee- Taeyang

Ailee has been a fan of Taeyang's for a long time and often names him as her ideal type in interviews. She has said she likes generous people with a good sense of humor. She also values fitness and health and would like someone who values them too. 

2. Infinite's Sunggyu - Han Ye Seul

Sunggyu has been asked often to describe what his ideal type would look like. He said he would like a girl who isn't too skinny. When pressed to name a celebrity that looks like his ideal type, he named Han Ye Seul.

3. Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul - Wonder Girls' Ahn So Hee

Kim Hee Chul has kept true to his feelings that Ahn Soo Hee is his ideal type. When asked during an interview if he still feels that way, he said "I've seen many girl group members, but there's no one like So Hee. She is like the symbol of heart to me." His loyalty to her is adorable. And who wouldn't love to be described as a symbol of heart?

4. 2NE1's Sandara- G- Dragon

Sandara has said that she likes younger guys, especially ones that have a bit of a rougher image but can still be cute and funny. Being comfortable around each other enough to just hang out is also important to her. Although she likes younger guys, she wants him to act like a man and not a brother. When pressed to mention a star that captures her ideal, she said G-Dragon is her ideal type. 

5. Girl's Day YuraLee Seung Gi

Yura has always said Lee Seung Gi is her ideal type — never straying from that. She especially wants someone who is very outgoing and optimistic, which is similar to her own personality, and she wouldn't mind if he acted like a younger brother towards her. 

6. B1A4's Baro- Girl's Generation's Taeyeon 

Baro has stated his ideal type is someone who is very lively and outgoing since he isn't the most talkative person. He also doesn't want someone who seems too perfect; he would rather have someone who admits to her faults and seems real. He likes the idea of taking care of his girlfriend and also stated he wants a girl who enjoys eating a lot. He picked Taeyeon as closest to his ideal type. 

7. M.I.B's Kang Nam-Lee Min Jung

Kang Nam has stated after being asked countless times to pick a celebrity that is his ideal type, that he think all idols are so pretty. So much so, that he feels embarrassed when greeting them because of their beauty. In terms of what he looks for in a girl, he likes girls who always smile and have a sense of humor. When pressed to choose a celebrity, he picked Lee Min Jung. 

8. 2PM's Taecyeon - an adventurous eater

Taecyeon has stated that one of the most important qualities he looks for in a partner is her eating habits. He has been known to have a huge appetite and has stated that he really loves eating food. He is not picky with what type of food he eats, and he will eat anything from Korean to American to Chinese, so he really hopes his future wife will enjoy all types of food just as he does. 

9. Taeyang- Nobody

When asked over and over again who Taeyang feels his ideal type would be, he stated the following:

"This question has been asked too many times…’Who is your ideal type in the entertainment business?’ I really don’t have one. That’s the truth. When reporters ask me about my ideal type, I can’t answer them accurately. Even though there have been girls that I’ve really liked, I haven’t thought about any of them being my ideal type just by judging from appearances because it’s different every time. There’s no reason to complicate things any further.

I’ve been in situations where my heart suddenly started to beat faster so it’s hard for me to talk about my ideal type. It’s only in the official interviews where I’m always asked about that. Like, ‘What are the basic requirements needed to understand me?’–those kinds of obvious things. I have a lot to learn. If my ideal type appeared now, that would be great and then reporters can ask questions about my specific type." (GQ Korea Magazine, April 2015 edition)

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What do you think about who these idols picked as their ideal types? Who is your ideal type?