We all have that favorite K-drama that has managed to capture our hearts and our minds. Sometimes it's because of the great storytelling and acting, sometimes it's because of the emotional investment we have put into the outcome, and often it's because we have fallen in love with one of the characters in the series. From the sweet and innocent characters to the gruff and difficult, in K-dramas there are so many varied personalities to choose from. In this list we explore all those different personality types. Who would you choose as your perfect match?

1. The All-Around Perfect Male 

 Do Min Joon - My Love From Another Star

Do Min Joon stole our hearts in My Love From Another Star. Although he is an alien, which admittedly would be a hurdle to overcome in any relationship, watching him use his superpowers is one of the most amazing things about him. He can do just about anything! He teleports and stops time, has both super strength and super hearing, and he can move objects with his mind. Although watching all of these things in action might be scary for some, Do Min Joon only uses his powers to protect and for the greater good. Add to that the fact that he is a doctor, professor, manager, bodyguard, lawyer, and you can see that his perfection is limitless. But most importantly, the thing that makes him the perfect boyfriend is that he loves with his whole heart.

2. The Loyal Love 

Choi Dal Po - Pinocchio

Choi Dal Po is one of the most loyal characters we have seen in a K-drama series. His love for Choi In Ha never wavers. Although he doesn't always show his love and affection for her in the nicest way, underneath it all he is always trying to protect her heart. He also has respect and love for his elders, asking for permission from Choi In Ha's dad and grandfather before starting to seriously act on his feelings for her. Despite the fact that they aren't always able to be together because of the circumstances of their lives, he never wavers from his devotion to her. He is also hilariously adorable when drunk!

3. The Rich CEO 

Joo Joong Won - The Master's Sun

At first Joo Joong Won is an obsessive business man who cares only about money and coming out on top. He cares little for how other people might feel, especially if it goes against what his own desires are. Over the show, he grows and deepens into a caring and compassionate person. He becomes someone that anyone could love. It's true that he has money and is good looking, but by the end of the show, that's not all he has. He also has kindness and compassion to keep the power of money in balance.

4. Knight In Shining Armor 

Yoon Dong Ha- Witch's Romance 

Yoon Dong Ha is both sweet and thoughtful but can also be truthful and direct. He is always there for Ban Ji Yeon when she most needs him and is able to interpret her actions and facial expressions more than what she says. He continually sweeps her off her feet both literally and metaphorically. We know that he will always do what is right in any situation without a moment's hesitation, even if it puts him in a difficult situation. And through all that, he still keeps his adorable sense of humor intact. 

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5. The Happily Ever After Male

Seo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo -Healer

At first all he wanted was to have his own deserted island — which is pretty adorable. He had even saved up 64% of the funds needed to buy an island — which is even cuter. However, that all changes when he meets and falls in love with Chae Young Shin. His dreams shift to having a simple and average life. He wants to get married, have children, have a regular job, and spend his time with his family and friends. All of these things would give him the greatest happiness in life. Who wouldn't feel great about dating someone like him?

6. The Sweetheart 

Yoon Tae Woon- My Unfortunate Boyfriend

If you've been following the new series My Unfortunate Boyfriend, you'll see know that Yoon Tae Woon is one of the sweetest most adorable characters ever in a K-drama. You can see that his innocent and sweet-natured personality is blossoming into a pure love for Yoo Ji Na. Part of the reason he is so easy to love is that he doesn't just like that she's pretty and that she is the first person he ever kissed (although that is sweet in and of itself), but he likes her because she stands up against injustice and says what is on her mind. He may not be the typical strong, manly main lead that we are used to, but there are lots of things to love about Yoon Tae Woon. 

7. The Steadfast Male

 Hang Jung Woo- I Miss You

Who doesn't love a guy who sings karaoke with such passionate love and abandon? He gets so much joy out of expressing himself through song despite the fact that he truly is an awful singer. The confidence and strength he shows while performing such an outrageous performance is lovable. Hang Jung Woo is also someone who is very motivated when he has a task in mind. Despite the arduous and awful journey he undertook to find Lee Soo Yeon, he never stopped pursuing the truth. The love he has for her is so complicated on so many levels, but it's real and dedicated, and for that we commend him. 

8. The Bad Boy

Choi Young Do - Heirs

There is something about the arrogance and swagger of Choi Young Do that is so appealing. Although we don't want anyone romanticizing a character who is clearly a bully, we believe that Choi Young Do's heart is good underneath it all. Think back to the scene where Choi Young Do sits down and eats a silent dinner with Cha Eun Sang's mother. The emotion conveyed in that scene sums up Choi Young Do entirely. Even with his complicated relationship with Kim Tan, we see him doing the right things by his frenemy in the end. We think he really does care, he just needs someone to show him how to care in a less emotionally manipulative way. 

9. The Athlete 

Chilbongi -Answer Me 1994

Chilbongi has so many lovable qualities that we found ourselves rooting for him the whole series. Aside from his strong athletic skills, he was a kindhearted and thoughtful person. It shone through when he showed his disappointment and disdain for his teacher's awful comments to Na Jung and his desire to apologize to her. He never wavered from his feelings for her, and he was clear every step of the way that she was the one he would choose.

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Sometimes an actor portrays a character so well you wish you knew the character in real life. There are so many K-drama guys out there that have caught the attention of fans worldwide. We narrowed it down to 9 of our favoriites. Who would you pick to date out of all the K-drama characters?