Yes, I heard you loud and clear that there were many hotties missing from the original 9 handsome Asian dramas royals who make you wish you could travel back in time. Here are 9 more royals who you've expressed a strong liking for. Many of you also said you'd rather not live in the ancient era (definitely without Wifi and smartphone,) so these royals really should travel forward in time to meet us. We start with the most sought-after emperor in love, aka Ji Chang Wook...

I'd like to add that the numbers in the list are just numbers to keep the list readable. They are not rankings. Also, I came up with the first list primarily based on my own viewing experiences, not because of what my DramaFever boss told me. I did leave out a few royals, my bad, but it wasn't intentional. For instance, I somehow forgot about Ji Chang Wook, so here he is!

1. Ji Chang Wook - Emperor Huizong of China's Yuan dynasty in Empress Ki

He was madly in love with Ha Ji Won. Can you blame him? We certainly wish he would leap across time to us, but he'd probably bring his beloved Empress Ki along.

2. Aarif Rahman - Crown Prince and Emperor of Tang dynasty in The Empress of China

Aarif was captivated by Fan Bingbing, his empress Wu Meiniang who would eventually establish her own dynasty. Don't you think he should just let her have the empire that she coveted and travel to the modern world?

3. Lee Seo Jin - Crown Prince who fought intrigue to become the king in Yi San

Yi San was a great king in Joseon history, and the wonderful drama portrayed his life and his enchanting love story with the love of his life, a girl from commoner background. (I feel really bad about leaving him out in the first list because Yi San is one of my all-time favorite historical dramas. I was probably distracted by Hyun Bin, who played the same king in the Fatal Encounter movie.)

4. Yoo Ah In - Joseon king in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

He plays young Sukjong who fell in love with Jang Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee), who would become known as a most hated concubine with a sad ending, but this drama focused more on their beautiful romance.

5. Ji Jin Hee - Joseon King in love with Dong Yi

Ji Jin Hee is the same King Sukjong who fell for the innocent and kindhearted Dong Yi, who would eventually bear him a son who would grow up to be a great king and also Yi San's grandfather. The initial chapters in the drama where the king met the unsuspecting Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo) are hilarious. 

6. Bae Yong Joon - King in The Legend (Story of the First King's Four Gods)

Bae Yong Joon, a legendary Hallyu star, was fantastic in playing a destined king in this fusion of historical-fantasy drama.

7. Song Il Kuk - King who established the Goguryeo kingdom in Jumong

This was an extremely popular drama about a storied legend and a must-watch to appreciate Song Il Kuk's fame.

8. Lee Sang Yoon - Prince and King Gwanghae in Goddess of Fire

My favorite dimpled man--royal or not. Bring him to the 21st century anytime!

9. Cha Seung Won - King Gwanghae in Hwajung

Thanks to Cha's star power, the new retelling of King Gwanghae's history leaped to #1 in Korea's TV ratings. Cha Seung Won definitely gives manly magnetism to the king.

See Cha Seung Won in Hwajung:

To Lee Min Ho's fans, I'm a fan too but I simply can't add him to every list we have. This list is about actors who are especially handsome in playing royal characters, even though our perfect man is handsome and royal-looking in real life. (Sigh!)

Again, I may have left someone out. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

~ NancyZdramaland

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