As a follow up to "WE WISH! 9 things K-Dramas make us want," here are 9 more things that Korean Dramas make us long for! Feedback from the previous article was included here as well. Listed below are some more things that K-Dramas are sure to have made you want to try, do, or have!

1. Korean fashion

2. Soju

3. Visiting beautiful Korean Landmarks

4. Getting a piggy-back ride from your crush

5. Flawless skin

6. Flip phone cases

7. Going to a Korean Sauna (Jjimjilbang) with friends

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.
8. Learning to speak Korean

9. Witnessing the Han River at night

Korean Dramas have a way of making you want to try things you have never even thought about before, but now you have to! Think we forgot something? In the comments below, share what K-Dramas make you want!