The Winter Olympics is quickly approaching, and with it, the beautiful art of ice skating. Ice skaters are some of the most elegant athletes in existence. Now and then, however, there are moments where they are a little less than graceful.

I love ice skating because of that thrilling moment when the underdog readies for the big jump and I clench my fist, thinking, “Will she make the triple lutz for the win?!” When they stick the landing, my body experiences a joyous uproar. The sheer happiness that runs across both the skater and me! I feel her win too, and I love that feeling.

And then, there are some of the other memorable moments caught on tape but rarely ever displayed:

Before you make judgment, it's part of the routine.

"You broke my nose!"

Their performance unintentionally became a WWE match.

Now, imagine how much of that might get on to the rink. Don't slip!

That will sting.