One thing that makes me sad about living in the United States is that I miss out on the understated beauty of Korean scenery. Some of the sites are so exceptionally spectacular that they become the backdrop of many, many popular K-dramas. Take a look at the 9 K-drama filming sites worth a visit!

9. Infinity Challenge: Big Bang G-Dragon Pension

An August episode of entertainment program Infinity Challenge was filmed at a pension owned by G-Dragon's parents. At this pension, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Infinity Challenge member Kwanghee made food together and discussed ideas for their song, Mapsosa.

Run by his parents but known more widely for G-Dragon, Dolce Bita pension in Po-chun, Kyungki-do, was visited by many YG family members, including 2NE1. In 2012, G-Dragon gifted his parents a pension that is worth approximately 85,000 USD. G-Dragon's dad said in an interview that G-Dragon would come with Taeyang to grill meat and swim in the river. The Crayon room in the pension is for G-Dragon's personal use and not available for booking.

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8. Heirs: Park Shin Hye’s House

Remember the scene where Cha Eun Sang is thinking of her memories with Kim Tan, and Tan is watching her from afar? This is it! Featured on Heirs episodes 17 and 18, this house with a red roof is now a touristy destination for Heirs lovers.

In addition to Eun Sang's house, the quiet, peaceful Non-gol neighborhood in Kangwon-do is known for the murals on the wall, a great view of the East Sea, and the seafood.

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7. Yong Pal: Han Shin Hospital

If you think the hospital scenes on Yong Pal were filmed at a hospital, you are wrong. Yes, the futuristic insides of Han Shin hospital were filmed in International St. Mary's Hospital. What's worth visiting, however, is State University of New York's Incheon Global Campus (IGC). IGC's fancy glass building as well as the cafeteria and auditorium were featured on Yong Pal. IGC is the first American university in Korea, and it exudes a unique vibe from Korean students who are exposed to American campus culture. (Related: 9 Times Yong Pal's Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee were adorable)

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6. Oh My Ghostess: LeJiu Italian Restaurant

LeJiu, a hip Italian restaurant in Seoul, is where Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk worked together as chefs. In the beginning of the Oh My Ghostess series, the actors cooked pasta and pizza for fans at the restaurant as a thank you for the drama's successful start. Pictured together with Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk is chef Jung Ho Gyoon, who advised Jo Jung Suk about the life of a star chef. (Related: 10 Reasons we love watching Oh My Ghostess)

Why visit LeJiu? Get a feel for what it's like to dine at an upscale restaurant in Seoul and experience the Italian cuisine with a Korean twist.

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5Producer: IU’s agency Byun Entertainment

Remember the scenes where Cindy (IU) went to see Ms. Byun at her agency? The building featured as Ms. Byun's entertainment company is, in fact, Korean Entertainment College (KETC), a renowned school for celebrity wannabes. And yes, the dancers in the backdrop of a photo from Producer are KETC students.

Just last year, KETC hosted a JYP audition and trained the 25 finalists in the building. If you're interested in starting a career in the entertainment business in Korea, KETC is a must-visit for your trip to Korea.

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4. Tazza 2: City of Gun-san

The action/thriller film Tazza 2, in addition to The Attorney, When a Man Loves, and New World, were filmed in Gun-san, Jeonra-do.

What’s special about Gun-san? Buildings in Wolmyung-dong, Gun-san, preserve the aesthetics of modern Korea (early 1900s). The Japanese-style wooden houses, office buildings, and temples tell tales of the Japanese colonial era, and the Gun-san port that opened up to the Japanese in 1899 is also worth a visit.

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3. Twenty Again: Choi Ji Woo’s College Campus

Located north of the Han river facing Gangnam, Kon Kuk University is where Choi Ji Woo's Twenty Again is being filmed. (Related: 11 Reasons we love Twenty Again's Choi Ji Woo)

Kon Kuk campus boasts beautiful open green spaces as well as a lake, as you probably saw in backdrops of Twenty Again. Why visit? Feel the liveliness of a Korean college campus and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a college student in Korea! 

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2. Scholar Who Walks The Night: Traditional Korean Houses

This traditional houses in Damyang are built just to accommodate the needs of K-dramas and films. Hwajung and Orange Marmalade were also filmed here. Just outside of the houses is a Metasequoia-lined road, which is so gorgeous that it will make you speechless.

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1. My Love From Another Star: N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower (formerly known as Nam San Tower) is a must-visit site in Seoul. Get a spectacular panoramic view of Seoul under your feet. The glistening lights and Han River are more charming in the night. Bonus points if you can identify each district of Seoul. 

In addition to My Love From Another StarBoys over Flowers was also filmed in N Seoul Tower. Don't forget to visit the corner with lovelocks where Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun visited!

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What do you think about the featured K-drama filming sites? Have you been to any? Tell us in the comments below!

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