It's been a long week, and nothing sounds better than putting your feet up and watching a captivating Korean film from the comfort of your couch, am I right? This week, DramaFever is bringing you 9 new movies featuring your favorite stars, like  Gong YooLee Joon KiKim Rae WonPark Soo AeCha Seung Won, and Ji Sung! And the best part is that whether you're in the mood for romance, comedy, action, horror, history, or even a musical, there's something for everyone! 

1.  The Suspect

Gong Yoo (Goblin, Silenced, Coffee Prince) stars in a spy thriller about a man who must avenge his family in a country where every single agent has been instructed to eliminate him. When a superspy from North Korea’s most dangerous assassination squad is abandoned by his government and separated from his family, he will do anything to get revenge against those responsible. Ji Dong Chul (Gong Yoo) seems like a simple chauffeur for a fancy business executive. But that is not all he is. Not too long ago, he was a member of the North Korean government’s most secretive and dangerous hit squad. He has carried out assassinations throughout the world. Once he finds a target, there is nowhere they can hide from him. He was the greatest agent the North Korean agency had. And he was abandoned by his own country. He was left to die. His wife and child were sold as slaves. And the man behind it was his own colleague. Now Ji Dong Chul is out for revenge. He has defected to South Korea to find the man responsible for tearing his life apart. And there isn’t a force on the earth that can stop him. He is secretly working as a chauffeur while continuing his search. But just when he thinks he is working in perfect secrecy, the chairman Ji Dong Chul drives for is killed. Before dying, the chairman hands him a special set of eyeglasses. Now framed for his murder and carrying the one thing that every agency in the country seems to want, Ji Dong Chul goes from being the hunter to the hunted. Amongst the people searching for him are Min Se Hoon (Park Hee Soon from All About My Romance), a no-nonsense South Korean colonel and drill sergeant who was on the mission where Ji Dong Chul was first abandoned by his government. The South Korean colonel is indebted to the North Korean spy, and he is looking for some payback. The official leading the manhunt against Ji Dong Chul is Kim Suk Ho (Jo Sung Ha from The K2), the director of the National Intelligence Service who seems a little too eager to capture Ji Dong Chul, as if the old spy has something the officer really does not want getting out. The only kind face Ji Dong Chul encounters is Choi Kyung Hee (Yoo Da In from Doctor Crush and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), a filmmaker who is working on a documentary on North Koreans defecting to the South. She wants to help Ji Dong Chul, but she doesn’t seem to understand the kind of trouble he is in. 

2.  The Recipe

Choi Yoo Jin (Ryu Seung Ryong from Masquerade) is a producer in search of his next big scoop. When he learns that a notorious murderer asked for a special bean soup as his last meal, the producer smells that big scoop. He finds out the cook is a mysterious woman named Jang Hye Jin (Lee Yo Won from Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi). No one knows anything about Jang Hye Jin; she just showed up at the restaurant one day and was taken in by the owner. One thing is certain, though: anyone who eats Jang Hye Jin’s beancurd soup changes into a different person. As Choi Yoo Jin digs deeper, he learns that Jang Hye Jin was once in a relationship with a man named Kim Hyun Soo (Lee Dong Wook from Goblin). However, Jang Hye Jin has disappeared. Choi Yoo Jin is now obsessed with finding the woman, and the secret behind her recipe.


The Recipe

Starring Ryu Seung Ryong and Lee Yo Won

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3.  May 18  

Based on true events, a story about a simple man caught in the middle of a battle between soldiers and citizens. Min Woo (Kim Sang Kyung) is a taxi driver who lives a peaceful life. He takes care of his little brother Jin Woo (Lee Joon Ki from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) and tries to impress nurse Park Shin Ae (Lee Yo Won from Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi). Their lives are simple, but there is disaster lurking around the corner. A general has taken over the country. Students at the local university are protesting the closing of their school. The general, taking no chances, orders soldiers to open fire. The citizens responds by stealing weapons and forming their own militias. When Jin Woo’s friend is killed in the protests, Min Woo finds his life caught up in the middle of the violence. May 18 is based on the real-life events surrounding the Gwangju Uprising, when thousands of anti-government protesters were killed over a period of nine days in May 1980. It was released on July 26, 2017. The movie earned much critical acclaim, earning several “Best Film” nominations at award shows throughout South Korea.

4.  A Wonderful Moment 

Musical director and compulsive bragger Yoo Il Han (Kim Rae Won from Gangnam Blues and Doctor Crush) dreams of Broadway. His most recent big budget musical bombed at the box office. His career has hit a roadblock, but the dream is still alive. Fate gives Yoo Il Han a chance when he is selected as one of five judges in a musical competition. Each judge has to train one child singer, and the winner will play a Joseon Dynasty king on Broadway. Yoo Il Han ends up with Half-Filipino, Half-Korean sweetheart Yung Kwan (Ji Dae Han), and the director is not happy. Yung Kwan is a terrible dancer, and a mixed race kid has little chance of getting picked to play an 18th century Korean king. But when Yoo Il Han sees that this performance is all Yung Kwan has, he has a change of heart. Now the master and the pupil work as one to perfect their performance, win the competition, get to Broadway and seize their wonderful moment. Also known as My Little Hero, A Wonderful Moment is a musical drama. 


A Wonderful Moment

Starring Kim Rae Won and Jo An

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5.  The Flu

A group of immigrants is smuggled into South Korea in a shipping container. When the container opens, all but one person is dead. One of the immigrants was the carrier of a deadly virus. It travels through the air, and kills anyone that acquires it within 36 hours. Almost instantly, thousands of people are infected. The government quarantines the entire suburb to contain the outbreak. Trapped within the town are firefighter Kang Ji Koo (Jang Hyuk from Voice) and doctor Kim In Hae (Park Soo Ae from Sweet Stranger and Me). They don’t quite get along, but both are committed to helping the others. When Kim In Hae’s own daughter is infected with the virus, she starts working with Kang Ji Koo in a desperate attempt to save her child and stop the viral outbreak. Now, it’s a race against time to find a cure. And time is already running out. The Flu is a disaster film directed and co-written by Kim Sung Su (Please Teach Me English).

6.  Four Horror Tales

Various stories centered around murder, visions, and even haunted cars — CJ Entertainment’s series Four Horror Tales hosts four different movies that are sure to keep you on your toes. Independently debuted, the films February 29, Hidden Floor, Roommates, and Dark Forest were all released in the summer of 2006 featuring popular stars Kim Yoo Jung, Park Eun Hye, Im Ho, and Lee Jong Hyuk. The first of the releases, February 29, tells a cryptic story about a tollbooth girl, Han Ji Yeon (Park Eun Hye) forced to work on the dreaded night shift. To make matters worse, a mysterious car pulls up with a blood-stained ticket. More curious than anything, Han Ji Yeon soon finds out about the curse of February 29, where each leap year a murder occurs in her area. The night shift just got so much worse. Hidden Floor tells the story of single mother, Chae Min Young (Kim Seo Hyung) and her six year old daughter Joo Hee (Kim Yoo Jung). Fresh off her divorce, Min Young struggles to make ends meet for her and her daughter, and finally manages to land a studio apartment. Min Young thinks she’s finally caught a break until strange noises and even stranger behavior from her neighbors put Min Young on high alert. The third installment to the Horror Tales series is Roommates. Having flunked college entrance exams, four girls are stuck rooming together in a boarding school, forced to study until they pass their exams. The real horror story begins when the girls all start seeing visions of the past, including a concealed incident that took place in the school. Suddenly, grades aren’t their priority. Starring Kim Ri Na, Lee Eun Sung, and Yoo Ho Rin. Last to be released in the series is Dark Forest, where a group of friends decide to enter a restricted area of the woods on their weekend trip into the mountains. Not too far into their adventure, they lose cell phone reception, and strange things begin happening one by one. The group decides they may be in over their heads, but it's too late to turn back now. Can they make their way out of the darkness? Starring Lee Jong Hyuk and So Yi Hyun.


Four Horror Tales

Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Eun Hye

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7.  The Suicide Forecast 

A life insurance salesman's biggest fear comes to life when his client commits suicide. Bae Byung Woo (Ryu Seung Bum) just wanted to sell insurance and live a quiet life, but now he's being investigated for involvement his client's suicide for the money, followed by a full audit on his past clients. Terrified of losing his job, Byung Woo seeks out his most high-risk clients in an attempt to change their life insurance plans to pension plans. Instead, Byung Woo gets caught up in the various complications of their daily lives and starts to have a change of heart.


The Suicide Forecast

Starring Ryu Seung Bum and Seo Ji Hye

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8.  Blood Rain

The year is 1808, and special investigator Wong Gyu (Cha Seung Won) is sent to an isolated community on an island to investigate an arson. When he arrives, what he finds is a homicide linked to ongoing cases of sadistic, methodical murders that have the town completely shook. The people are sure the cases are linked to the supernatural, but Won Gyu is too much of a skeptic to believe it. Can he crack this case, or must Won Gyu open his mind to the possibility of the unknown?


Blood Rain

Starring Cha Seung Won and Park Yong Woo

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9.  Modern Boy

It's love at first sight in 1930's Korea, when Lee Hae Myeong (Park Hae Il) stumbles into a secluded cabaret and sets his eyes on the seductive, Jo Nan Shil (Kim Hye Soo). Hae Myeong's persistence leads him into a passionate romance with Nan Shil, until she sets off a bomb and steals all of Hae Myeong's valuables. Hae Myeong will stop at nothing to get to Nan Shil, but despite her actions it's not his valuables that he's after.

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