We all know that K-pop stars have a wide variety of talents from looking beautiful to amazing dance skills. How do they hold up in the arena of vocal talent? This list proves that they have it all. The male idols on this list have incredible and powerful voices, some well recognized and others who are overlooked. This list has 10 of the very best male singers that K-pop has to offer, so turn up the volume and get ready to be amazed!

1. Hongki of F.T Island

Hongki is able to pull off different genres from pop to rock, showing how adaptable his voice is. Whether singing catchy choruses or belting out more aggressive rock, his performance is always spot on. This front man of F.T Island is no stranger to these top lists, as his singing abilities are widely recognized. 

2. Yesung of Super Junior

Super Junior has many talented singers. Yesung is often overlooked for the more popular vocal powerhouses in the group, but if you listen to this live solo, you will see his own unique talent show through. He's the type of talent that when you start listening to him, he just continues to grow on you until you can't get his voice out of your head. 

3. Onew of SHINee

Just listen to the vocalizations at the beginning of this song, and you'll see in about 5 seconds how talented Onew is. His voice is soft, powerful, and can convey a lot of emotion. In the chorus of the first song his added touches to the song add a unique flair and fun that is all his own. He shows he is a real artist. 

4. Kyuhyun of Super Junior

Kyunhyun is always topping the male vocal charts in K-pop, consistently ranked as the best. In the above video he proves just exactly why he is considered the best: he can deliver a soft moving performance without all the vocal gymnastics and still make our hearts melt. His talent goes beyond belting out songs (although he is excellent at that too). 

5. Junsu of JYJ

Definitely one of the tops in the industry. His live performances are near perfect and sound close to the recorded version of himself. There is no mistaking his voice; it has a unique, husky quality that moves from high to low with ease. The emotion he is able to put into his voice makes it that much easier to connect to. 

6. Yoseob of BEAST

Yoseob has proven time and again what amazing vocals he has. I think he has one of the best falsetto tones out there. Take his R&B style and pair it with his powerhouse vocals, and it makes for a winning combination. 

7. Jong Hyun of SHINee

Jonghyun is widely thought of as the best talent in SHINee as well as one of the top vocal talents in all K-pop. He really does have an impressive talent. He never appears to be straining the notes out, but instead they come out with ease, as if he was made to sing. 

8. Taeyang of Big Bang

Although it could be argued that there are stronger vocal powers in Big Bang, you just have to watch Taeyang singing "Eyes, Nose, Lips" live to see how talented he really is. He switches so effortlessly between his regular tone to a falsetto and back. The R&B quality in his voice is excellent and is very well suited to this type of song. 

9. Changmin of 2am

One of the things that is so amazing about Changmin is that he is always able to keep is voice even throughout any performance. He doesn't struggle to find the pitch; he doesn't go sharp when he stretches for the higher notes or fall flat in the lower registers. His voice is pitch-perfect and has a fantastic jazzy quality. 

10. Jun. K of 2pm

The tone of Jun. K's voice is absolutely perfect. He proves himself in this song to be a real artist, not just a singer who can hit all the right notes. Every moment in "No Love" is absolutely spot on. 

Who makes the top of your list? 

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