Beautiful and beloved actress Ha Ji Won has proclaimed that her new leading man in the romance drama The Time I Loved YouLee Jin Wook, beats all the other hot guys she's worked with. She said, "I think he's the most appealing so far. All the women are going to fall for him." Take a look at the hot and handsome Nine actor Lee Jin Wook in the June 2015 issue of L'Offiicial Homes, and tell us if you agree.

Ha Ji Won even added this scintillating tidbit about Lee Jin Wook: She said he has the most sparkling eyes when he acts. (Swoon!)










When it was first announced after a long search that Lee Jin Wook will be Ha Ji Won's Mr. Right in The Time I Loved You, I was really glad because I remember him from Spy Myung Wol, where he gave me a big case of Second Lead Syndrome. Since then, he's proven to be a rising leading man in such dramas as NineI Need Romance 2012,and Three Musketeers. 

I can't wait to see him with Ha Ji Won in The Time I Loved You, which premieres on Monday, June 29 on DramaFever How about you? Be sure to sign up for episode alerts here, and check out the cute new trailer below:

~ NancyZdramaland

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