Yoon Sang Hyun and singer Maybee celebrated their wedding day with many friends and family. Here are 9 beautiful pictures from the wedding. We also have a highlight video of their special day. 



Can Maybee really be any more beautiful?


What a beautiful moment between them. They look so calm here. I know I was nowhere close to calm on my wedding day.


Yoon Sang Hyun is touched by the vows he hears from Maybee. Look at the love shining in his eyes for her.

See Yoon Sang Hyun's unforgettable performance in Secret Garden:


They are both singers, so doesn't it make sense they would sing their wedding song themselves?  Check out the video below to hear them singing. This song, "Flower Stained," will be released as a digital single with proceeds going to charity. 


This is my favorite shot so far that I've seen. Look at that amazing veil. The flow of the veil against the light fixture they stood under is just amazing. I just have to tip my hat to their photographer for getting such a fantastic image. To top it all off, look at the joy in their faces.


I love the intimacy of this shot. This quiet, romantic moment between them. Again, her veil gives almost a fantasy impression of this romantic moment. 


The angle on this shot is amazing.


Choi Sung Joon posted a picture of himself, Lee Jong Suk, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Lee Bo Young. They were all inI Hear Your Voice together.


A group picture with friends.  How many do you recognize?  Btw, that's Junsu in the back, half hidden, in a red coat and sunglasses. 

10.   Human Condition 2  made a highlight video of their special day.  It doesn't have English subs, but you can hear  Maybee and Sang Hyun sing to each other at the 3 minute mark.  Kim Kwang Kyu was their MC.