Want to dress up like your favorite Kpop star? Or have you ever really wanted a piece of clothing they wore? You have probably tried to buy some once or twice but realized most of their clothing costs mad $$$$. Some prices are so outrageous, it makes your head hurt. For example: an ugly sweater that costs $2000 or a pair of shoes priced at $3000. Extremes aside, clothes priced $500 are even out of your budget range. Heck, $100 is too much. Luckily, this will help you. Here are some affordable ($100) pieces of clothing you can buy, that your favorite artists have worn, including Lee Min Ho, 4minute's Hyuna, 2NE1, f(x)'s Krystal Jung, SNSD's Hyoyeon and Block B's Zico.

1. Richboy took a trip to a commoner's store

Lee Minho as Kim Tan in Heirs

Price: $28 for men and women (click images to buy)

by American Apparel

Asos has a similar one for a much cheaper price and free worldwide shipping here.

2. 4minute's Is It Poppin? - Hyuna's top

Price: $59 $20 (click image to buy)

by Evil Twin

3. SNSD's I Got a Boy - Hyoyeon's Top
Price: $80.09 $27.59 plus free worldwide shipping (click image to buy)

by Lazy Oaf

4 -8. 2NE1, Block B's Zico and others' various clothing
Price: $35 - $50 (click images to buy)

by American Apparel x KESH

9. Krystal's Floral Top

Price: $60 $29.99 (click image to buy)

by Topshop

Maria (K-world Style)