We all know that Song Ji Hyo is currently filming a reality show where she is pretending to be married to Chen Bo Lin, but the producers got it all wrong! Here are nine lovely moments that prove that Running Man’s Monday Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Gary, should film We Got Married together. Take a look!

1. When Gary got sad thinking about Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin

Running Man's only girl, Song Ji Hyo, is marrying Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin — of course not in real life! (Monday Couple forever!) The two stars are filming We Are In Love, the Chinese version of the Korean reality show We Got Married.

Can you imagine how sad Gary must have felt when he heard the news? Sure, Ji Hyo's appearance on We Are In Love is just work. But we bet Gary secretly wished her to film with him instead of Chen Bolin. Watch Gary's priceless reaction when the Running Man members tease Song Ji Hyo about Chen Bolin in the video below starting at 0:26.

2. When Gary and Song Ji Hyo went on a honeymoon in Dubai

"Oppa, the view is amazing!" Ji Hyo yells to Gary looking out the window in Dubai.

In the latest Running Man episode, Ji Hyo and Gary walked around the Jumeirah beach, taking selfies and collecting pretty seashells. Check out the trailer above for Monday couple in action!

3. When Monday Couple was not afraid of PDA

Ji Hyo and Gary are not afraid of public displays of affection (PDA) on or off camera! The second photo, in which Ji Hyo sits on Gary's lap and he has his arms around her waist, is from a Running Man party with the crew last year.

4. When Ji Hyo and Gary love to feed each other

When Running Man members feast, we can always expect to see Monday Couple putting food on each other's plate and feeding each other. Sometimes they feed each other things other than food. Rumors say Gary fed sand to Ji Hyo to escape from Dubai's desert. Watch the video to find out Ji Hyo's reaction!

5. When they KISS

Of course Monday Couple LOVES to kiss. Romance is in the air!

6. When they go through rough times together 

Monday couple stayed together even when Song Ji Hyo was rumored to date her agency’s CEO. Even during rough times, Monday Couple has stayed strong and stayed together.

7. When Ji Hyo admitted she thinks Gary's better looking than Kim Soo Hyun

When you're wearing rose-colored glasses, anything is possible, right? Like BIG BANG says in Bae Bae, "I'm in love 눈에 콩깍지 씌었어, babe!"

8. When Ji Hyo and Gary call each other pet names

Gary has saved Ji Hyo's name on his phone and calls her as "Mung Ji."

9. When even Kim Jong Kook says he is on board!

Kim Jong Kook agrees about how cute Monday Couple look together. “Gary and Song Ji Hyo need to go out sometime soon. If they do, it will be good for Running Man," he said.

What would happen if Monday Couple actually filmed the reality show We Got Married? What are your predictions for Song Ji Hyo's chemistry with Chen Bolin on We Are In Love? Tell us in the comments below!