The new Korean drama Angel Eyes has been highly anticipated by fans all over the world. Here are some reasons why you should be excited too! (If you aren't already, of course).

1) Goo Hye Sun

She's everyone's favorite heroine from Boys Over Flowers, and you can bet that her acting is going to be on point in this drama!

2) Lee Sang Yoon

He's no stranger to Korean dramas, and he is known for always giving stellar performances.

3) Seungri

Watch as Seungri throws in random English phrases since his character is supposed to be from Texas! It is sure to be funny and cute.

4) Kang Ha Neul

If you still haven't gotten over Heirs like us, Kang Ha Neul a.k.a. Hyo Shin is also playing the adorable young Dong Joo in Angel Eyes! [Pictured here with Park Shin Hye.]

5) The cast was super charming and hilarious on Running Man.

I've already mentioned a bunch of the cast members and their acting. But their variety skills are just as wonderful. Watch here as the Angel Eyes cast took on the cast of Running Man in this hysterical episode!

6) This drama teaches us life lessons.

It starts off a tragedy but it shows us that even if horrible things happen to us, we can endure them and grow because of them. [Random .GIF of Seungri dancing just because.]

7) It's a family drama.

Since it's a family drama, you can make it a family event! It could be the perfect show to get your family into Korean dramas!

8) It's an epic love story.

Since the story of our two leads' love spans so many years, and since so much happens to them both, it is sure to be completely epic.

9) Swedish indie pop musician, Lasse Lindh, sang a song for the OST.

International fans (and just all fans) all over the world will love the song "Run To You" featured on the show's soundtrack!

Don't miss out on what is sure to be an amazing show. Watch it right HERE on Drama Fever!