Happy Birthday, Kim Woo Bin! To celebrate his birthday and latest film Twenty, we've come up with reasons to crawl into your bed and watch Twenty tonight. Take a look!

1. It was the box office no. 1 film

Twenty attracted over 20 million audience members in Korea and ranked as the most-watched film at the box office soon after it premiered.

2. He portrays a different kind of character

Quite contrary to his real personality, Kim Woo Bin on Twenty plays Chi Ho, who's unemployed, lazy, and somewhat hopeless. Chi Ho isn't charismatic like Choi Young Do of Heirs, but still charming and endearing in another way.

3. He knows how to make women swoon

In the actor's own words, Chi Ho is a "crazy horse." He's sexy and he knows it but doesn't pursue true love — just an endless array of meaningless flings. (Pictured above with actress Jung So Min of Twenty)

4. It's a very open portrayal of young men

The three main leads of the film outwardly and endlessly talk about how they want to get laid. And Chi Ho isn't afraid to ask girls "Let's have sex" in the most awkward way you can imagine.

5. He's so dumb it's hilarious

If you watch Twenty thinking of Kim Woo Bin from Heirs, you will be disappointed. Unlike the royal aura Choi Young Do exudes on Heirs, on Twenty, Chi Ho isn't afraid to wriggle his body on the floor asking his mummy for more allowance money.

6. You'll see him in a high school uniform again

...because we know you drooled on him in high school uniform on Heirs.

7. Kim Woo Bin loved Twenty's script 

Kim Woo Bin revealed in an interview he didn't want to miss out filming Twenty because he really enjoyed reading the script. "The written scenario made me imagine many things (about being a 20-year-old) which I painted in my head and sympathized with," Kim Woo Bin said. "I thought, if I find the script so relevant to my twenties, why wouldn't others?"

8. The film tells about Korean men in their early, middle, and late 20s

Director Lee Byung Hun said the film's loosely autobiographical. "In my early twenties, I did nothing like Chi Ho. After military duties I worked hard like Dong Woo. In my thirties I started studying film like Kyung Jae," director Lee said, "I created the film as if I'm throwing gateways many young men's experiences."

9. Kim Woo Bin hopes the film will inspire you to find your dream

He advises younger fans to have diverse experiences and find what they really want to do. "When you're a student, you have a great opportunity to explore different dreams," the actor says. He also wants you to know that being a 20-year-old is much more than what the film shows.

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Twenty is intended for mature audiences, and it contains raunchy humor, adult situations, and profanity.

Did you watch Twenty yet? What would you add to the list for those who haven't? Tell us in the comments below!