EXO's lovable maknae, Oh Sehun, was born in Seoul on April 12, 1994. And in Seoul, it's already Sehun's birthday! He is known for his 4D personality and his never-ending cuteness. Let's celebrate his birthday by talking about 9 things we love about him!

1. He is a great dancer.

He has some of the smoothest moves in EXO.

2. He has some awesome rapping skills.

With the small parts that he gets in each of EXO's songs, he manages to make them all memorable!

3. The boy can act.

Petition to get Oh Sehun cast in a K-Drama, anyone?

4. He has a very playful personality.

He is always joking around with his members and having fun.

5. His love for bubble tea.

He loves bubble tea as much as we do!

6. He is very sweet.

I mean just look at him holding a baby!

7. He is just plain adorable.

Look at that face.

8. He makes this face.

9. Yehet!

Enough said.

EXO will be coming back with a new mini-album, "Overdose," on April 15th, so keep an eye out! Celebrate Sehun's birthday by listening to EXO or re-watching the super funny "EXO's Showtime"!

P.S. You can check out the teasers for "Overdose" below!