We all know and love our K-drama leads. Sometimes we even fall prey to the dreaded Second Lead Syndrome. But have you fallen in love with someone in your life that resembles a K-drama man? Here are the signs to look for that your real life is starting to play out like a K-drama romance. 

1. He insists on giving you a piggyback often. Whether you're drunk, injured or just plain tired — a piggyback is a must. Example:Prosecutor Princess

2. He switches between rude gruffness and being super cute. You're honestly not quite sure which version of him you're going to get. Exhibit A: Choi Dal Po from Pinocchio crushing Choi In Ha's dreams of becoming a reporter:

Exhibit B: Choi Dal Po letting his serious guard down and shooting his finger guns! 

3. You find yourself lovingly preparing outrageous lunch boxes for him like this one Geum Jan Di created for Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Nothing says love like a bowl of food lovingly prepared and labored over, especially when it resembles the person eating it!

4. You pretend to be a family before you are — going grocery shopping together, folding laundry, even wearing couple outfits. If you pretend now, it's definitely going to happen — you're sure of it! Example: Playful Kiss

Watch Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum reunite to face seven different personalities trapped in one body in Kill Me, Heal Me:

5. When he reaches in for a kiss you go stiff as a board. I adore Park Shin Hye. She is one of my favorite K-drama actresses. Some of her kiss scenes, though, make little sense to me. Regardless, you find yourself re-enacting her kiss scenes when you kiss your man. Example:Heartstrings

6. Even if you're not that cold, he wraps his big warm jacket around you in a protective hug. Example: Heirs

7. He's insanely jealous, which you find kind of cute.  Whether you're talking to a friend, coworker, or some stranger, he's always lurking around, trying to figure out what you're saying. Or perhaps you have found yourself in a love triangle like the one in Emergency Couple. Lots of opportunity for him to show how jealous he is. 

8. Actually pretty much everything he does is pretty cute. Including things that would be ridiculous on anyone else. Example:Pinocchio

9. You have a set of couple rings — which means you'll be together forever right? You find yourself showing the ring off to any and every person that is near you with a huge, silly grin on your face. Example:Tomorrow's Cantabile

Have you been lucky enough to experience falling in love with a K-drama man? Tell us all about it!