It’s official: Trash Oppa Syndrome has hit K-drama lovers everywhere thanks to Jung Woo's role in Answer Me 1994. As it turns out, our new favorite piece of tall, lanky, utterly lovable garbage didn’t just come out of nowhere — he’s been working more than a decade to catch his big break.

From unnamed Neighborhood Bully to Trash, Jung Woo’s career highlights as a relatively unknown actor thus far:

1. His debut as Henchman 7.

If you try really hard, you’ll spot the young, inexperienced Jung starring his first acting gig in the 2002 action comedy film Break Out.

2. Years as unnamed film extras.

He was credited as “Gangster” in My Tutor Friend, “Teenage Believer 2” in Spring Breeze, “Neighborhood Bully” in A Good Lawyer’s Wife, “Baldy” in He Was Cool. Oh, Garbage. Will you ever find a name?

3. He did — as Lee Min Ho.

No, not that Lee Min Ho. As a fictional, minor bad-guy with the same time in 2005’s Sad Love Story — his first foray into dramaland.

4. As a Taekwondo boy in the 2004 movie Spin Kick.

The film, helmed by Hyun Bin and Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, was well-received by teenagers and marked the first substantial supporting role for Jung Woo.

5. But followed by years with supporting roles in dramas.

He’d fallen into the dreaded might-as-well-be-an-extra-but-not-quite trap as a young, new-faced actor. You may have spotted him in popular shows like Princess Lulu, Bad Love and Cinderella Man. But probably not.

6. It kind of started looking up around 2009.

He’d done a few more movie roles at this point — never mind that they were all box-office sinkers — and nabbed a part in Green Coach. Not just a part — a part that came with a character description.

7. More parts in dramas that came with character descriptions.

Namely, in Blossom Family, in an episode of a KBS drama special and as Seo Jin Wook in this year’s You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.

8. And he worked out in between.

A lot.

9. It’s safe to say 2013 has been a good year for him.

He met a nice girl — actress Kim Yoo Mi, whom he is now dating — while filming the movie Red Family. And, as we know, he jumped onto 1994 and became the Garbage who stole our hearts.

It may have been a long, tough road for Jung Woo, but one thing is certain: his next role will probably have a name. And a character description. With a picture. And he will be the leading man.

Tell us what you'd like to see from him in his next project below!