Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong Ki has detailed his past relationships, dating style, and views on romance during interviews several times. He's piqued our curiosity and made us crazy by saying things like, “I’ve dated four times,” “I still can’t forget my first love, who’s married now," and more! Here are 9 Song Joong Ki love facts every fangirl needs to know.

1. I still can’t forget my first love, who’s married now.

"I bet all men are the same, but it's not easy to forget first love," Song Joong Ki told reporters at the Nice Guy press conference in 2012. "I haven't forgotten my first love, either. To a man, first love means so much that he never forgets about it. I've been told that my first love has already married." He said remembering the feelings he'd had about first love helped him film Nice Guy. He also said he's watched Architecture 101, a romantic film about first love, four times. 

2. My first kiss was in high school at the bus stop.

His first kiss was in 11th grade at a bus stop.

3. I have never dated a celebrity.

Song Joong Ki revealed that none of his girlfriends have been famous in a 2012 interview.

4. I have dated four times.

Song Joong Ki added that he has only had four girlfriends in the same 2012 interview. 

5. My last relationship was April 2010.

Again, this is from the 2012 interview, and is probably outdated. Has he had another girlfriend since 2012? We are curious, but maybe we don't want to know.

6. My perfect woman is Miranda Kerr.

When asked to name a celebrity who's the closest to his perfect woman, Song Joong Ki said Miranda Kerr.

7. My dating style? I learned so much from Yoo Shi Jin.

“I learned from Yoo Shi Jin, ‘Oh, this is what my girl would like.’ I understand why so many female audience members like my character,” the actor said at the Descendants of the Sun finale conference on April 14, 2016.

8. I'd like to date a wise woman.

Song Joong Ki has described his perfect woman in a number of ways: someone cheerful and innocent, someone warm like a noona even when she's young, and, most recently, a wise woman. “My perfect type is a wise woman. That’s the most important part,” the actor said at the Descendants of the Sun finale conference.

9. If I get a girlfriend, I won’t tell my fans.

"If I get a girlfriend, I won't spill the beans," Song Joong Ki said, "But if I get caught, I'll officially acknowledge the relationship."


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