Perfectionist. Workaholic. Many adjectives follow One Sunny Day star So Ji Sub's name, including "romanticist." This time, we wanted to hear directly from the man guilty of stealing our hearts. Here are nine times So Ji Sub shared his perspectives on romance, love life, and marriage. Take a look!

1. Nothing is known about So Ji Sub's love life 

Since So Ji Sub debuted in 1997, he's been in many relationship rumors. Recently, So Ji Sub was rumored to date actress Han Ji Min and K-pop group After School's Jooyeon. So Ji Sub denied both rumors, and next to nothing is known about So Ji Sub's love life. What a mysterious guy!

2. So Ji Sub doesn't remember last time he dated

Three years ago when asked about his last relationship, So Ji Sub said, "My last relationship? I really can't remember. It's been a long time," and smiled wryly.

He said on his ideal girlfriend, "The first thing I see in someone is if she can understand my occupation, me. I'm always sorry for my girlfriend. To be honest, I can't hold her hands on the street, go to the movies, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant. I feel bad about it."  

3. So Ji Sub thinks he's a boring boyfriend

When asked to describe his dating style, So Ji Sub said, "I'm stubborn and boring because there isn't much I can do." So Ji Sub shared he's an introvert who doesn't like to stand out, adding his personality best resembles his character Kang In Wook of What Happened in Bali.  

4. So Ji Sub doesn’t believe in dating an ex-girlfriend

So Ji Sub said he's thought of an ex-girlfriend after a breakup, but never thought of getting back together. "When the feelings are gone, they're not true feelings anymore," So Ji Sub said, "There's no point in getting back together after having broken up."

Check out So Ji Sub on his latest web drama One Sunny Day with actress Kim Ji Won:

5. So Ji Sub loves someone who smells like peaches

So Ji Sub says there's a smell he really likes, which is similar to the smell of peach. 

"Whenever I smell something similar to peach, I look back," So Ji Sub said, answering the interview question "What kind of woman makes you look back?" 

On other features of his ideal woman, So Ji Sub said, "I find a woman sexy when she works hard and smiles without being self conscious." On appearance, So Ji Sub said, "I like women with pretty legs."

6. So Ji Sub will date at least a year before marriage

So Ji Sub is serious when it comes to dating someone. So Ji Sub said on dating and marriage, "When I date someone, I want to date for at least four seasons," adding that he wants to marry before he turns 40. So Ji Sub is 37 years old.

7. So Ji Sub has no plans for marriage yet

When asked his thoughts on marriage, So Ji Sub said, "I've received that question too many times," adding he has no plans yet.

"At first, women say they understand my work schedule, but they actually find it hard to understand," So Ji Sub said, "They find it especially hard that I can't see them when I'm working, even when they miss me." 

8. So Ji Sub dreams of a happy family

So Ji Sub says a happy family is an important part of his life, which makes marriage harder. 

"I hope to meet someone who will be on my side forever. When I marry, I also want to have many kids — if I can," So Ji Sub said.

Although So Ji Sub wants to create a happy family, he doesn't feel confident about it. 

"Because marriage is so important to me, I can't meet just anyone," So Ji Sub said. "(Marriage) is like homework to me."

9. So Ji Sub wants to have a small wedding

When asked about his ideal wedding, So Ji Sub said he doesn't want his wedding to be a public event.

"I want to have a quiet, happy wedding with just the people I like," So Ji Sub said, adding he hasn't decided whether to invite reporters to wedding for his fans.

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