Twenty, the coming-of-age comedy starring Kim Woo BinKang Ha Neul, and 2PM's Junho, is coming exclusively to DramaFever on June 20! Over the past few years, Twenty actor Kang Ha Neul has impressed viewers over and over again with his powerful acting and his magnetic charisma. To help us prepare for his role in Twenty, let's look back at nine times we fell head over heels for this rising star.

1. When his voice made us swoon

I could watch this duet from Monstar over. And over. And over. Even though he isn't a traditional idol/actor, he has a gorgeous voice, and before he became a screen actor, Kang got his start in musical theater. Fun fact: He and fellow stage actor Ji Chang Wook actually costarred in a play together once (and apparently had a lot of kissing scenes). 

2. When we wished he could get his own spin-of series

Even though he wasn't directly involved in the main love square in Heirs, Kang Ha Neul's Lee Hyo Shin definitely captured viewers' hearts. I, for one, wouldn't have minded a little more screen time for his character!

3. When we envied his luscious locks

I don't often get hair envy about men, but come on — does he wash those locks with magical unicorn tears or something? His hair is thick and luxurious and practically perfect in every way.

4. When he wasn't afraid to take on any role

Even though it hasn't been that long since his debut, Kang Ha Neul has taken on a wide variety of characters, from a perfectionist student in Heirs to a heartthrob musician from the '60s in C'est Si Bon. Because he's actor who is constantly picking up new projects, it's exciting to see what he'll choose next!

5. When he was the ultimate karaoke king

We already talked about his voice, but this impromptu serenade from the Twenty cast's Running Man appearance just sealed my love forever. I don't care what the scoreboard said; he is the karaoke king.

6. When he made geeks look chic

As part of the ensemble cast on the popular series Misaeng, Kang was the awkward, geeky intern. If this is what being nerdy looks like, sign me up to work in the nearest office!

7. When he mesmerized us with his perfectly kissable lips

You know in K-dramas when the characters kind of fall into a trance and just keep staring at each other's lips before something awkward inevitably breaks the spell? Kang Ha Neul makes that happen in real life. In one interview, he said that netizens kept saying he was too "common looking" for his roles. Um, are the netizens blind?

8. When he broke our hearts in Angel Eyes

When Angel Eyes first aired, Kang Ha Neul's role as the younger version of Lee Sang Yoon's character definitely impressed the viewers, with many fans wishing there could be a way to keep the younger actors around for just a little while longer. It's just one more piece of evidence that Kang Ha Neul is more than ready for a leading K-drama role!

9. When we couldn't resist his infectious laugh.

Many of Kang Ha Neul's roles have been very serious, but he has a beautiful laugh that makes us want to laugh too! Fortunately, Twenty is an uproariously funny comedy, so we'll be able to enjoy some laughs alongside our darling Kang Ha Neul.

What else do you love about Kang Ha Neul? Which one of his roles was your favorite? If you want to learn more about his character in Twenty, check out his individual character teaser below:

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