Now that the world knows Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are an item, it's time for us to unveil how we totally saw this coming. You know how in the movies the guy always gazes lovingly at the girl while she's not aware? Well, Kim Bum has been tossing Moon Geun Young the same lovestruck looks. Just take a look at all the times we knew there was something up!

1. When they took this adorable selca. See how close they are!

2. When they had sizzling chemistry in character.

3. When he paid attention to little details, like passing her a drink!

4. When he just couldn't seem to take his hands off her, even behind the scenes.

5. When he was clearly looking at her and thinking that she's the most adorable thing alive.

6. When it quickly became clear that he's absolutely mesmerized by Moon Geun Young.

7. Again, only eyes for her! Aww!

8. When he wrote her character's name in dirt and smiled shyly.

9. Just look at him stealing glances at her!

Oh, Moon Geun Young does her fair share of staring too...and we don't blame you girl!

So if you had any doubts before, now you know. These two are super in love!