2015 has been a fantastic year for K-pop and has been particularly fruitful for original soundtrack releases. Hwanhee delivered the beautiful ballad "Heartbreaking," while Tiger JK continued his amazing momentum with his soundtrack release for School 2015. While these songs received some very deserved attention, releases by Davink and Loco were also superb and worth listening to over and over again. Here are 9 of the best K-drama original soundtrack releases for 2015: 

1. "Paradise" Davink - Falling in Love with Soon Jung

Davink is not an artist I know very well, but I'm loving what I'm hearing in this track. The electro pop sound is infectious and includes beautiful and smooth vocals. It has the right amount of buildup and drama in the chorus to keep the song moving along. I'm looking forward to discovering more of what this artist has to offer. 

2. "Heart-breaking" Hwanhee - http://1hop.co/oujcu/ruwue/">Orange Marmalade

Hwanhee is gracing us with his amazing vocal talent in this track. Although the scenes are sometimes sweet and innocent, the powerful and aching vocals sing of a much deeper and more complicated pain that the show will bring. The track is filled with sadness and regret that hints at what will be brought forth in the plot to cause the characters and us much sadness. 

3. "Spring Is Gone By Chance" Loco & Yuju - http://1hop.co/oujcu/edwge/">Sensory Couple

This enchanting duet will have you playing this song on repeat for the rest of the year. Yuju (G-Friend) shows us her amazing vocal range, hitting all those powerful high notes in this melodic number while Loco shows off his charming and thoughtful rap skills. In this video, fans of the drama get to revisit some of the sweetest and most touching scenes, showing off the chemistry of the two main characters. 

4. "Reset" Tiger JK - http://1hop.co/oujcu/seyzf/">School 2015

Jin Sil from Mad Soul Child joins Tiger JK on this amazing track, which has garnered much attention since its release. It has emotional lyrics that almost anyone can relate to, giving us all hope especially as Jin Sil comes in at the chorus with "I wanna reset". We might not all be in school and struggling with the complications of teenaged lives, but we most certainly can understand the frustrations of life moving in ways we wish it wouldn't. The combination of the two voices in this track is perfect and will have you singing along endlessly.  

5. Roy Kim - Pinocchio

There is no more soothing voice that the voice of Roy Kim singing. You can't help but feel Choi Dal Po's longing and love for Choi In Ha as Roy Kim croons this beautiful ballad. His falsetto is out of this world and proves why he is a voice we want to listen to over and over again. 

6. "Because Of You" Baek Ji Young - http://1hop.co/oujcu/epvoe/">Hyde, Jeckell & I

Veteran singer Baek Ji Young has mastered the art of being a ballad singer. This melodramatic number is one of those songs you can imagine playing loud on your radio, crying your eyes out because of something that just happened on your favorite K-drama. It's just such a good song to sing along to with your fake microphone. Give it a try!

7. "Butterfly" Ha Neul & Kong Bo Kyung - Jeju Island Gatsby

Ha Neul Hae pairs up with Kong Bo Kyung to deliver this tender pop ballad. It's such a sweet and hopeful song that perfectly matches the tone of the show. I'm loving the cool, breezy vibe to this song. It's laid back enough that it would fit perfectly playing in the background while hanging out in your hammock. 

8. "Variegated" Jannabi - Ex-Girlfriend Club

This song is such a fun, cheeky song that has you bopping along to it from the rookie group Jannabi. It's got a perfectly catchy, sing-along chorus and head-bopping refrains as well as a great synth sound. If there is any song that will have you dancing along to it, this is it. 

9. "Darling" Lee Seung Chul - http://1hop.co/oujcu/ihviq/">Producer

Another breezy and beautiful song from Lee Seung Chul. He knows exactly how to sing this style of springy love ballad. His smooth and silky voice instantly puts listeners at ease and in a dreamlike state. It never pushes itself into the usual melodramatic ballad that accompanies heavier moments from K-drama. It's refreshing and lovely to listen to. 

What songs from an OST have you found yourself singing along to or listening to over and over again this year? I just can't get Tiger JK's "Reset" out of my mind. 

Watch Yoo Yun Suk and Kang So Ra in the new series from the famed Hong sisters, Jeju Island Gatsby: