Do you still remember the first time you watched a K-drama? The first 5 minutes where you weren't sure whether this was something you could get behind and then that magic moment when you realized you've happened upon something that will change your life forever. Think of all the tears you've shed, the times you've laughed so hard your sides hurt, and the major crushes you've developed, and you'll know that K-drama has had a major impact in your life. Here's a list of 9 ways that K-dramas will affect your life after taking that first leap into the magical world of K-drama addiction.

1.The question "What if...?" will haunt you forever.

What if I go to work today and meet the love of my life there (who happens to look like a model, is the kindest person you've ever met, and happens to have a medical degree but CHOOSES to work as a part-time worker)

Or what if I get possessed by a ghost intent on seducing a man only to have that man fall in love with me....but is it really me he's in love with? 

After watching each new K-drama, a whole new set of "what if" questions will arise — there are countless realities to explore and horizons to be expanded. It can be both exciting to imagine new possibilities for one's life and at times overwhelming at the desire to experience it all.

2. School/work life will seem incredibly boring.

This is not necessarily a bad thing — for one, you probably don't have to go to school 15+ hours a day and study until your nose bleeds. Even better, most likely no one is plotting to take you down from your number one ranking at your school while also trying to steal your identity.

On the other hand, you probably don't have anyone who looks like this walking around at your school/work.

At least you probably don't have any tests that you're so scared to take that you run away from them...but on the other hand, if you did, then you might get to have a study partner who looks like this.

3. Interactions with others seem so much more challenging. 

You may have friendship goals that your friends aren't nearly as into as you. Like performing on stage in a hip hop dance routine with people half your age (and not making a total fool of yourself).

Or having friends from high school who still love you enough to take goofy selfies with you 20 years later.


4. Your relationships will increase their cuteness factor by 500%.

Things that would normally annoy you suddenly become super cute when your significant other does them.

You might even find yourself making really ridiculous but also crazy adorable hand gestures that you never in a million years would have imagined yourself doing. 

5. Food can become so much more exciting that you ever imagined.

You'll never look at a donut the same way again.

Toast even looks a whole lot more appealing to you.

6. When a K-drama ends you will feel like your world has ended and that no K-drama will ever be that good ever again EVER, until you start watching another one.

7. You will feel emotions you never knew existed.

Such as happy crying. You're so ridiculously happy that you find yourself crying. Sometimes it's because what was happening two seconds earlier in the show was the saddest thing you'd ever seen and you're partially crying from relief. Other times it's because you never knew such joy existed.


Or extreme second lead syndrome which can be so strong it's almost impossible to wish the main character a happy ending (Choi Si Won in She Was Pretty — we're talking to you!)

8. No matter how many makeup tutorials you watch, you still look like a zombie from marathoning every K-drama ever in one weekend

9. When you finally get your friend/mom/significant other to watch a K-drama and they love it, you will never love them more.

Because let's face it, despite how much they made fun of you for your K-drama addiction, you knew if they gave it 10 minutes of their time they'd be hooked for life.

How have K-dramas changed your life? Let us know in the comments below!


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