90days_newsA bittersweet, epic tale of star-crossed romance, 90 Days, Time for Love is the story of two people who find the courage to love each other only in the face of death.

At thirty years of age, Ji Seuk (Kang Ji Hwan) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. With only three months to live, he must choose how he wishes to spend his days, and leaving behind his wife, he goes in search of his soulmate and the woman he's secretly loved for years -- his cousin, Mi Yeon (Kim Ha Neul). The two fell in love many years before and share a powerful bond that spans time and distance. Unable to act on their feelings because of the societal ban, they went their separate ways and married other people. Now, with only ninety days left, Ji Seuk will do anything to spend them with Mi Yeon, and two fight for this precious time together in the face of their family and society. Director Oh Jong Rok reunites with Kim Ha Neul for their third drama together in this beautiful story of forbidden love, with superstar Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong, Be Strong Geum-Soon) co-starring.

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