For many, the idea of true love lasting forever seems like something that's possible only in movies, but a couple in China who's been enamored with each other for 64 years is proving that it actually exists. Their delightful photo shoot celebrating their life of love will convince you that true romance is real. 

Age is truly just a number, even though those words are much easier said than actually lived by. But when you look at the photos of the couple below, you may just realize how true those words really are. This couple from Heibei Province, of which the man and woman are both 95 years old, is still madly in love, even after having been together for 64 years of marriage. 

What's so great about this photo shoot is that not only is it romantic, it's stylish, it's cute, and most of all, it shows just how in love the two really are with each other. You can almost imagine the fun they have together even when cameras aren't around. Not only do they both look so healthy and young for how old they actually are, the looks they give when smiling at each other and holding hands are so real, that as a viewer, you can't help but feel the love. To want to take part in a photo shoot this cool with your significant other, no matter what age, is a sign that you're both in a happy place. And if you're doing it after 64 years of marriage, and at 95 years of age, you'll be as blessed as the couple below.

True love

Let's play ball

Never too late to learn

"What did you say? Marry me?" — "I LOVE YOU!"

Their photos and story even made it onto a building!

Are you touched by their love?


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