In new drama Twenty AgainLee Sang Yoon is shocked to discover that his long-lost first love from high school is now a freshman in the university where he teaches theater arts. Expect fireworks and rekindled feelings between him and co-star Choi Ji Woo. Meanwhile, here are 7 interesting things you need to know about this beautiful man.

1. He was picked out of a crowd at the age of 24

He is 6 feet tall with a blood type of A, and he loves basketball and baseball.

2. He debuted in a beer commercial:

3. He is talented! He won best new actor in 2010 for the drama series Home Sweet Home and Best Couple with Lee Bo Young for My Daughter Seo Young:

Do you think Ji Sung got jealous? He is, of course, the Kill Me, Heal Me star who is married to Lee Bo Young.

4. He is smart in science! He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the prestigious Seoul National University.

He started college in 2000 but took a while to graduate due to his acting career and military service. Just think, maybe gravity should be redefined as how things are attracted to one of the most beautiful dimpled objects known as Lee Sang Yoon.

5. Speaking of dimples, a DramaFever writer openly admired Lee Sang Yoon and his gorgeous dimples:

6. He is still single and available! He dated Nam Sang Mi, his co-star on the 2010 drama Life is Beautiful. They broke up in 2012. Now Nam Sang Mi is happily married.

How about that, Choi Ji Woo? (Fans have noticed their strong chemistry in Twenty Again.)

7. He has a generous heart - He is a strong supporter of charitable services.

Examples of his many charitable activities include volunteer work in Indonesia for Korean Food Hunger International and a tree planting campaign for a French environmental group's PUR Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was also appointed as “Fruit of Love” Ambassador by the Community Chest of Korea.

Don't you agree that this handsome perfect man is beautiful inside and out? Watch him in Twenty Again below:

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