When at a sushi restaurant, it's not uncommon for diners to see a sushi chef or his assistant pull out a live fish from the tank, then eat the same fish only a few minutes later. Sometimes, the fish is prepared as ikizukuri, which literally means "made live," where the fish can still be breathing as it lays before you. Despite its freshness, that may be too much for some sushi lovers, but a recently uploaded video shows how sushi can be made to look alive, like a beautiful carp, without actually being so.

Making food taste delicious is one thing, and it's another to make it look beautiful. Recently, owners of a YouTube channel titled Jun's Kitchen uploaded a video titled Koi Fish Sushi, in which they show how to make sushi look like colorful carp (koi) swimming in a pond. Usually, food art can be pretty difficult-looking, but in this case, it looks fairly simple. All you need is rice, vinegar, sugar, and salt for the sushi rice, and some shrimp, squid, spicy cod roe, cucumber, cherry radish, and seaweed for the fish. Once the rice is ready, lay the cut-up cucumber, cod roe, and seaweed on top of it, then cover it with the squid or shrimp that's been cut into the shape of a carp, complete with fins and a tail. The hardest part is cutting up the seaweed into tiny little dots for the eyes, but once that's done, all you have to do is decorate your plate with the radish and cucumber, or whatever else you wish to add. The result will be an appetizing plate of sushi that still looks like it's swimming!

As appetizing as these colorful carp look for some, it still may be a bit much for those who feel a little weird about eating something that still looks alive. For them, the sushi chef at their favorite restaurant will make sure the fish is no longer breathing when it gets put in their mouths.

So real even cats can't resist