This is the true tale of a British man who encountered a nine tailed fox in his bed. It was an early morning when Leon Smith woke up to the shock of his life. Sleeping comfortably in his bed he began to feel a bit of soft nuzzling along the back of his neck. How affectionate his girlfriend was being, and without a tense bone in his body he rolled over.

When he opened his eyes, big dark eyes were gazing back at him surrounded by auburn hair as soft as fur. His girlfriend was a major fox; in fact she really was a fox! Jumping out of bed Leon Smith quickly chased the beauty out of his bed and down the steps until she was out the door! Lucky for Leon had the nine tailed fox turned into a beautiful gumiho, his liver surely would have been eaten! The end!

Cool story right? Actually it’s all true except for the fox being a gumiho. Leon Smith — a British IT worker — thought he was cuddling with his girlfriend, only to suddenly realize that it was a fox that had snuck into his bed overnight. I'm pretty sure if it was Shin Min Ha he wouldn't have chased her out!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE