SBS has confirmed that one of its upcoming dramas will be Daughter of a Chaebol (working title: 재벌의 딸), which will be produced by the team behind One Warm Word.

So far, the drama sounds true to its name. It follows the daughter of a rich family as she tries to hide her rank in society. She hopes to find a man who loves her without her wealth or status, but instead she meets a man who thinks love is just an emotional tool that allows the ruling class to dominate lower classes. The drama examines the value of money and love. 

This series will reunite director Choi Young Hoon (Five Fingers) and writer Ha Myung Hee (Can We Get Married?), both of whom worked on the series One Warm Word. The drama will also come from the same production company, HB Entertainment.

Currently, Daughter of a Chaebol is set to air on Mondays and Tuesdays in June after the conclusion of Heard It through the Grapevine. What do you think of this premise? Are you happy to see the female lead as the chaebol's heir this time around after seeing so many rich sons in dramaland? Who could you see in these roles? Comment below. 

Watch Sung Joon in writer Ha Myung Hee's previous series, Can We Get Married: