A zoo in the eastern Chinese city of Luohe recently tried to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion. According to the zoo keeper Liu Suya, their reasoning was sound, as they had to send their lion to a breeding facility, so they naturally decided to put an employees dog in the empty cage.

But it turns out that nothing in the zoo is as it seems: they had another dog labeled as a wolf, a white fox passing as a leopard, and two coypu rodents as snakes. And maybe the zoo keeper isn't even a zoo keeper at all, but a world renowned jewel-thief wearing a wig. There's no way of knowing.

Apparently the gimmick might be more lucrative for the zoo than actually having correctly labeled animals. One blogger elaborated, "People would want to know what they could think of next. Earthworms as pythons? An eggplant disguised as a sea cucumber?"

Check out more photos of the lion below, er, I mean, of the Tibetan mastiff:

(via Gawker)