A Cube Entertainment is telling netizens to think twice before posting malicious comments. Two days after cyber bullies began criticizing APink member Chorong's intellect due to a Twitter misspelling, her agency is fighting back. They claim the hateful online messages cause their artists, their families, and even A Cube Entertainment staff members psychological damage. They plan to legally address the issue. 

“Recently, online defamation against our artists has become increasingly severe, and the reputation of our artists has been hurt due to the spread of false rumors, the creation and spread of edited photos with malicious intents, and indiscreet sexual comments. We have already started looking into the case by collecting relevant material and analyzing information that we have received. If there is an increase in malicious netizens who cross the line, we will address this by taking firm legal action.”

A Cube Entertainment currently represents recording artists APink and Huh Gak. Despite their small roster, the agency is devoted to protecting their stars to the best of their ability. It seems like A Cube is more like a loving family than just an entertainment agency. I applaud them for standing up for what is right.

What do you think about suing cyber bullies? 

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