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Unnichan: As we all know divorce is a touchy subject and there have been several dramas discussing this topic lately; however, what I find interesting about A Divorce Lawyer in Love is how they’ve brought together two personalities that think so very differently on the subject. Yet, if I am honest, I think their biggest issue is the way they approach the law altogether. And I don’t know about you but throughout the first two episodes I kept thinking, So Jung Woo, why on earth did you become a divorce attorney?!

Tiara: It’s very strange of all the types of law, he could have chosen, he picked divorce. It’s a bit interesting the drama is touching on the matter of divorce. Looking at how divorce in Korea isn’t looked upon like it is here in the States. I’m curious to discover how the drama plans to show divorce.

Jazmine: I agree, I was also wondering why So Jung Woo chose to become a divorce attorney, but after watching the second episode I can understand why. Divorce, like marriage, is a huge commitment. It can either be a source or relief or a huge mistake. I think Jung Woo likes his clients to think carefully about the life changing decision they’re about make. Even though that may make his clientele list a little short….maybe he should have been a marriage counselor.

Unnichan: For now, I think Show has approached it in the best dramatic fashion--- broad strokes. The first episode created a clear enemy; the good, the evil, but has yet to delve into the grey. And I think that is on the horizon with Lee Hong Yeon aka Mrs. “I Have To Divorce Because I Just Have To!” I don’t really see the show teaching any new lessons on anything, however, I am curious about the title and how the concept of love, romance and marriage will be approached.

Tiara: Go Cheok Hee is a charismatic character. She’s willing to violate laws for her client to receive the divorce speaks a great deal about her character. She truly means well for her client. I actually do believe she likes her clients to be capable to marry or divorce if they desire to. Granted, her clients tend to be female. Do you think her feelings on divorce is one sided to just females or do you reckon she would work just as hard for a male client?

Jazmine: I really do love Cheok Hee, despite the flaws that she has. I think she’s a strong character. However, the lengths she’s willing to go do concern me, obviously it had already bitten her in the butt though I feel like that won’t stop her from going the extra mile. When it comes to male clients I want to think that she’d do the same for them, but something in me tells me she’d be a little more skeptical of a male client because he may have more to gain from the divorce. Now I’m interested to see whether or not she has a male client!

Unnichan: You bring up a very good point. Cheok Hee is more of a law abridging attorney, where Jung Woo believes in law abiding. One is more romantic, the other pragmatic. For, Cheok Hee is a haughty know-it-all who uses whatever means available to her to get the result she deems her clients deserve (read: everything). And that was exactly what Han Mi Ri was banking on. I also believe there’s basis for the tried and true double standard between men and women; that men tend to cheat on their wives more often than women. I’m not sure if either are too hung up on their sex, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheok Hee identifies more readily with women, because on most occasions, they are the assumed underdogs.Therefore, Cheok Hee believed the sob story Mi Ree sold, without considering the fact her client was an actress. But on the flipside, Jung Woo’s reasoning for not using the evidence wasn’t solely based on the legality but equally about the affect the reveal would have on Ma Dong Gu. Cheok Hee has no problem going after the money or assets because she believes it a tangible buy out, where Jung Woo is more preoccupied by the immeasurables. There’s a great divide in how these two view people, their circumstances and what is valuable.

Tiara: That’s a great point about Jung Woo. He’s a stick in the mud about being by the books, but he tends to worry about the personal effect divorce will have on the couple as individuals. He hands his first client a book to write all the good and happy things about her hubby, in hopes his client will have a change in heart about divorce on the evidence of “just because.” Then the client is pretty disheartened to find out her husband might be cheating on her which makes me think he could have a point.

Jazmine: When “Just Because” was introduced, I was sure that Jung Woo would at least try. Though I understood where he was coming from in trying to save their marriage. Divorce is the end-game so it’s understandable that he would want to make sure that the client was sure but holy smokes you could tell that the woman was miserable. Though it does seem that divorce is harder in Korea than here in the State because you have to build a solid case in Korea so maybe he was just trying to save her time and money. Still though, she’s miserable in that marriage.

Unnichan: I seriously doubt “Just Because’s” husband is cheating but beyond that, this is one of the largest issues I have with Jung Woo. It’s understandable to care about your clients (to a degree) and understand why they’ve chosen divorce or want to prevent divorce if possible or persuade them to end things amicably but everything he does makes it seem as though he doesn’t even want to do his job! As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t even truly listen to “Just Because” problems, before he’d already decided she was wrong. And though I find Cheok Hee overbearing and disrespectful to the nth degree, if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have even pursued her case. It was basically a dismissal of her request (no matter how well intentioned), tossing her that journal and some psycho babble because it gives the impression that he only viewed her as some silly disgruntled housewife, which is ultimately demeaning. For, he didn’t do it to be better informed of his clients’ feelings or situation but moreso to make her see that she was misguided and incorrect. And though I don’t doubt that she is, his job is to consult, which requires dialogue and analysis. But all I’ve seen of him makes me think Jung Woo is displacing his personal hangups onto his cases and I don’t doubt it has something to do with his own parents and their divorce.

Tiara: I agree with you Unnichan about Cheok Hee. She’s arrogant and bossy and really not likeable. Yet, she helped give Jung Woo a reason to make something of himself. Yeah, Soo A has a little to do with helping him pay for school, but his drive was all Cheok Hee. I think it makes the drama amusing to have two lawyers with extreme ideas of the law. I marvel if these two will find a way to bring their ideas closer together to one another and learn from their errors. Yet, right now Cheok Hee’s license is suspended due to Min Gyu’s father, In Jae. Here’s a guy who believes tricks shouldn’t be applied. I’m questioning if he sincerely believes in no tricks or if his pride was hurt by her.

Jazmine: Like I said earlier, I like Cheok Hee but I will admit her flaws. She’s a bit aggressive but she was at the top of the divorce lawyer game for a reason. And I think Min Gyu’s (whom I totally like by the way) father had his pride hurt and wanted to show Cheok Hee that he means business. Had Cheok Hee not been as arrogant maybe and just won the case without rubbing it in she may have been spared, or not. In Jae seems pretty prideful and I think we’re have a lot of trouble coming from him in the future.

Unnichan: I think it was all about who uses tricks. He may think it underhanded but I don’t think he’d care too much if he used it and knew he could get away with it. I definitely won’t be believing he’s some honorable guy. Especially, not with how much he relished taking Cheok Hee down. I get that it’s possible he really believes she’s unscrupulous because almost everyone thought so, even her assistants but I don’t think Jung Woo would have fought her on the video if he didn’t think he could get her to change her mind. And though she wasn’t moved by that, when she was faced with the truth, she accepted it, and her punishment. At first, I thought that we were dealing with one arrogant character and one rigid character, but with further reflection, I realized we’ve got two people that are set in their ways of thinking and have no desire to change and certainly don’t believe they should. Cheok Hee is a bully so it’s easy to pinpoint her shortcomings and be irritated with her but I find Jung Woo just as stubborn and immovable, even if his partial motivation is to prove he’s worthy and capable.

Tiara: Three years later, Cheok Hee still believes Jung Woo sold her out. Jung Woo still claims he's innocent. Jung Woo could prove he’s innocent Cheok Hee could prove he’s the rat. However, both of them are too pigheaded to stop and converse with one another about what happen. Cheok Hee will believe she’s right when she’s wrong and Jung Woo just doesn’t desire to listen to her. I can’t say I fault him for not desiring to listen to her as she never acting like a nice human being.

Jazmine: Misunderstandings are the source of frustrations in every Kdrama I’ve ever watched. There is a huge misunderstanding between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo and I completely agree with you Tiara, it’s their pigheadedness that’s going to prevent them from moving passed it or getting some kind of consolation from each other. However, I believe that Cheok Hee needs to apologize first. She completely flipped her lid without even bothering to check her facts. They were supposed to be colleagues and she treated him terribly with no trust. I understand why Jung Woo left.

Unnichan: Jung Woo is under no obligation to prove his innocence. That’s Cheok Hee’s responsibility. But I do find it very interesting that he was angered and ruffled by her accusation, yet, felt no need to plead his case, because most in his circumstance, would have at least tried. However, he told the truth and quit--- and I loved it! ‘Cause it was pretty shoddy of her to immediately make assumptions and accusations, jumping to conclusions based on something she was also guilty. Not to mention she doesn’t explain her “stinking thinking,” degrades his work ethics and his intellect, then hauls off and throws soup in his face! I was offended and she wasn’t even accusing me. I’ve been trying to figure out why she’s so certain Jung Woo would make such a dirty move--- What on earth about Jung Woo screamed dirty rotten scoundrel to her? He disagreed with her stance and practices, but he had worked with her for three years before this incident. He also told her his convictions about there being no greater bads, for all bad things were equal to him, so then, why would he chuck his convictions and betray his boss? It makes no sense, especially since she also knew that Hye Rin was a money hungry, gold digger. And don’t get me started on the lawyer refusing to rely on actual e-v-i-d-e-n-c-e to prove suppositions...

Tiara: The whole reason why Cheok Hee is super pissed off at Jung Woo is because of a misunderstanding. We the viewing audience know what Jung Woo and Soo Ah were talking about however from her perspective she thought the worst in him. She clearly doesn’t trust anyone by her first thought about her office manager is he must’ve snitched on me. How can Jung Woo not want to clarify how wrong she is by showing his innocence? It would demonstrate what a witch she is and maybe she could catch how ugly she comes across. I mean the Chucky Doll doesn’t do Cheok Hee justice, but her ringtone is a perfect match.

Jazmine: When I first heard that ringtone I was very surprised. I laughed a little too because I thought it truly fitting that she had that ringtone. It would bring me great joy if Jung Woo just came out and proved his innocence. Even though I like Cheok Hee, the look on her face from being wrong all this time would make me happy and I would feel a little justice for Jung Woo and his adorable mother. I see a lot of character growth for Cheok Hee and Jung Woo. I’m really interested to see how this drama progresses.

Unnichan: I truly wish this was just a “misunderstanding.” And it may be true that Cheok Hee has trust issues but it’s her lack of respect for individuals, entitlement and elitism that chafes me. With Jung Woo and his inferiority complex and Cheok Hee’s pretentiousness, these two go beyond an opposites attract premise and makes it quite hard for me to see a viable romantic angle. The way things are right now, all I need is for them to stop acting like kindergarteners and learn to share their toys and play (work) together quietly, without spitting in one another’s lunch.

What did you think of Go Cheok Hee and So Jung Woo? Looking forward to another episode? Let us know below!

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