In A Divorce Lawyer in Love, there's no such thing as being frozen in time, and past decisions continue to bleed into the present. Cheok Hee's choices have created some deep scars, and unfortunately, there's no way of complete escape. However, Tiara and I are ready for Cheok Hee to stop wallowing in guilt, Mi Hwa to end the guilt trip, and everyone to do some letting go.

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Unnichan: We left off in a pretty intense spot last week with soup flying and tears flowing but when pick up this week, it becomes clear quickly that everyone has some choices to make and sometimes, the best choice for yourself, your love and your life is to let go. Unfortunately, there are also times, it's not you who needs to put this into practice but the people around you. Jung Woo decides to hold onto his relationship, believing love is fairly hard to come by but it is taking his mother and Soo Ah a little longer to let go of their ideas of what his love should be.

Tiara: This is the reason why I love Jung Woo. When Cheok Hee says to end things, he tells her he doesn’t understand the meaning of end. They’ve come too far to be together to just end things. He wants to figure out how they can get mom to their side of thinking and I thank the drama gods for not making two noble idiots. To be fair to Cheok Hee, she has a point. She doesn’t want to destroy the bond between mother and son. They’ve been each other’s only family since Jung Woo was little after his father departed. Cheok Hee feels responsible for her mother’s death by accepting the money for school. Her sister also doesn’t help the situation who believes Cheok Hee is a murderer. It's a really hard decision to make.

Unnichan: I am a strong believer in not pushing your beliefs and convictions on others (especially when it comes to family) and where I get that Cheok Hee has "mommy issues," her past with her family is not the same as this impasse between Jung Woo and his mother. It's true Mi Hwa was a single mother but the way she used that as emotional blackmail was low. I was also quite disappointed in how she tried to class Jung Woo and his father together (who had an affair?) in order to make him do what she wanted. Our pasts color how we view many things, therefore, I don't blame Cheok Hee for her hesitation, however, she can't expect Jung Woo to automatically patch everything up with his mother just because she feels bad. He knows his mother and their relationship better than she ever will and the only thing Cheok Hee can do is either continue her romance with Jung Woo or end it, but only based on what she can or cannot deal with, not because she expects him to forgive or accept his mother's demands or attitude.

Tiara: Mi Hwa was down right horrible these two episodes. I understand she’s viewed Soo Ah as a daughter for years, but guilt tripping your son to change his heart is not cool. She’s a great mother, as seen by how awesome Jung Woo happens to be. I just hope she’s able to love her son and accept his choice of whom he wants to love. She can’t “protect” him forever. She’s going to have to let him make decisions and deal with any mistakes. I don’t see Cheok Hee and Jung Woo truly breaking up. She’s confused and hurt, but she’ll come to an understanding of the situation soon. The drama is simply hoping we’ll temporarily forget about Mi Ri and her mysterious second life because our couple is having to regroup. Mi Ri seems to have made tons of choices with lots of ghosts in the closet. Are we able to assume the kid might be hers?

Unnichan: Haha! They might "break up" in Cheok Hee's mind because this a huge internal bias for her, but it won't be forever and that's all I care about. And of course that is Mi Ri's kid! He's old enough to be a child from a relationship before she married but also Ahjumma said "Your mom told you...." So, I think it's safe to assume that mother is Mi Ri. That piece of the puzzle confuses me because I definitely believe her sick son is the reason she so mercilessly divorced her husband, we just don't know how it all fits together. Also what is the significance of giving her house to Yoo Sang? Of course, now she's letting go of it altogether to keep her son secret safe but it seems needlessly complicated at this point.

Tiara: I’m questioning if Mi Ri was “forced” into her marriage with the head of DK Group. Yoo Sang and she could’ve been together before her marriage. They ended up with a sick kid, but had to split due to being threatened by DK Group. It could explain the anger she held towards her dead husband and why she endured to such lengths. Since Yoo Sang granted the divorce from his wife, I genuinely desire to know what evidence she has to bring the whole house of cards down. Does this mean to imply DK Group too?

Unnichan: I was also thinking maybe they were together before they married. DK Group is a thorn I can't wait to be extracted from the paws of many, especially Sunbae. He made a huge decision this week to let go of this marriage merger pretense and go after what he wants. It's just a shame he's resorted to such tricks. I'm not as irritated with him, as I remain with Soo Ah, basically because I'm certain his antics will backfire and also I like that he took an effective step forward. He has allowed his sympathy (as he put it) for his father to dictate his actions for far too long. I was thankful Ha Jung was giggling so shamelessly with her Italian lover because it gave him a stark example of his future with her.

Tiara: Sunbae is learning things about he’s never felt before. He’s felt the love of a parent from Cheok Hee’s father by being fed home cooked food. He’s got so much “daddy issues” and a lack of love or care from his father. I’m surprised how well rounded Min Gyu is. For someone who’s never had the care of a parent, he tends to like helping a friend in need either it be Cheok Hee with her job or apartment or Soo Ah’s penthouse. It’s good to see him break out of the chains by walking away from Ha Jung. Despite the dirty tricks he’s playing, it’s nonetheless fun to watch him be happy and not bored. You’re right, his plan will bite in him in the end, but I’m enjoying the entertaining ride he going to give our couple. I’m still waiting for him to spill the beans to his dad about the whole marriage thing being a terrible idea. It’s but a building where his son is flesh and blood and something he can love. Here’s hoping Sunbae gets the courage.

Unnichan: I found it interesting to learn that In Jae's obsession with possessions has more to do with love (or losing it) than anything else. Much like AngryFoodie and his wife. After losing Min Gyu's mom instead of putting more effort into cultivating his relationship with his son, he misinterpreted that "life is short" lesson and channeled it into creating or endorsing things that have longer lifespans. It certainly helps us understand how he can love Min Gyu but be a rather unfeeling, uninvolved father and yet, we can't dismiss that he has been absent and unaware of what really matters in life. I like that Sunbae is navigating his way, whether helping Soo Ah by consistently giving her excellent advice and being a wonderful spring board and confidant or assisting Cheok Hee's dad with her terror of a sister.

Tiara: That’s one of the many reasons why I adore Min Gyu. When he set up Soo Ah’s dinner at the penthouse and told her to eat and get her strength back, my heartstrings were just being pulled too darn hard. About the only thing Soo Ah did right these episodes was to leave Jung Woo’s house. The only way Soo Ah could redeem herself would be to tell Jung Woo’s mom to let go of them being together and to come clean about Ms Mints. She’s not doing herself any favors by keeping quiet. Her selfishness continues while she watches the people she’s thinking as family argue about her. She's a part of the problem. If she loves Jung Woo, she should let him go. Sometimes doing the right thing really sucks, but she’s going to lose her friendship if she can’t stop thinking about herself.

Unnichan: I couldn't have said it better. All I can say for Soo Ah is, though she started off pretty ratchet with the bigamy case, after she heard the words, "I love Cheok Hee" from Jung Woo, it seemed to finally register that her actions aren't a reflection of love. And her moving out didn't completely come across as a ploy to warrant attention but a true attempt to get her mind right. However, she still wants more than she can have, because for some reason she and Mi Hwa think the only way she can remain "like a daughter" is through marriage to Jung Woo. All I can hope is she isn't forced or caught in her mint drop secret, nor does she try and blame Jung Woo for her choice to lie and mislead. It would be best if she's the one to tell him about Ms. Mint. However, I have a sneaky suspicion he's going to find out from an unlikely source in a less than ideal way.

Tiara: Agreed. Soo Ah could very easily turn things around in the coming episodes. I’m not certain if the drama will redeem or keep her as a baddie. Speaking of villains, Cheok Hee's evil sister has come along. I understand her anger and how hurt she is towards Cheok Hee, but she doesn’t need to be so hateful towards her Dad. I can’t believe sis sold her Dad’s store. I’m wondering if her brat of a sister can be “saved” or tone down her hate towards Cheok Hee.

Unnichan: Mi Hee is annoying and I just knew she'd done something with Daddy's business! I believe she actually cares about her Dad and doesn't want him working so hard at his age but the way she chooses to express that is the worst thing I've seen in a long time. At this point, I truly don't understand why Cheok Hee caters to her or desires for any type of understanding or forgiveness from her. She decided long ago to displace her abandonment and inferiority problems on her sister and the only person that can let that go and move forward is Mi Hee. I have zero sympathy or patience for her because she actively chooses to be rude, hateful and disrespectful every chance she gets, just because she can (and for attention of course). The subject of family comes up several times this week and I can't help but see the correlation between Mi Hee and In Jae's warped way of dealing with theirs. Her mother may be dead, and regardless of what Cheok Hee did or didn't do, she and her father are still around but instead of clinging to them and being thankful, Mi Hee acts out, points fingers and draws lines.


Tiara: It’s interesting the drama brought sis back in at this point in the narrative. It makes me wonder if our theory about Ms. Mints being little sis could be correct or horribly wrong. We clearly see the hate Cheok Hee’s sister carries and it makes me question her motives of why she gave her sister’s card to the gentleman. If in fact, if she’s Ms Mints, she clearly has love for her sister by handing a stranger her sister’s card to obtain a divorce. On the other hand, if Ms. Mints isn’t the brat of a sister, we are back to the drawing table.

Unnichan: I don't think Mi Hee hates Cheok Hee at all and that's the problem. She was young when Mom died but old enough to feel slighted and abandoned by she and Cheok Hee's decision. So it would make sense for her to be secretly proud of her sister making their mother proud, while also resenting her for doing what she did without thinking about her. I say we stick to our theory but now that the show has been extended, who knows what we have in store for us, whether it's concerning Ms. Mint, Mi Ri or DK Group. All I need is for our couple to continue to work well together and learn from one another, growing closer and closer, one case at a time.

What did you guys think of this week? Is it time for everyone to just let things go and find a way to move forward? Do you think the episode extension will have a large effect on our plot? Let us know below!

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